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What you need to know about Fish Eggs (Roe) in Japanese cuisine

When you are looking to learn more Japanese cuisine, it is crucial that you learn all about the sta…

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5 Local Delicacies You Should Savour In Sendai, Miyagi

Home to Japan's most elaborate Tanabata festival, Sendai draws truckloads of visitors come summer e…

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Healthy Japanese Habits You May Want To Try

Why can Japanese people enjoy the longest life span average in the world?

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How To Cook "Somen Noodle" Japanese People Often Eat In Summer

You know how to eat somen. Yes, slurp it. So do you know how to cook it? Here is the simple way to …

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KAITEN-ZUSHI Is The Theme Park Of Sushi! It Is Cheap And Tasty!

Who doesn't love sushi? It is one of the most delicious things from Japan, Sushi.

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The Highest Level Of Japanese Privacy

Talking about privacy, Japanese people have the highest level of it.

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3 Kinds Of Japanese Guys That Are Trending

I'm sure you have heard of soshoku danshi (herbivore men), but do you know that 3 other kinds of Ja…

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6 Tourist Things To Fully Enjoy Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a city where you can feel how much peace is important to our lives. Here are 6 things …

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UNESCO Pop Quiz:How Much Of A Travel Buff Are You?

Japan is a culturally rich nation, with many historical monuments recognized internationally as UNE…

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Speaking Of Summer In Japan : Summer In Okinawa

Okinawa is just perfect for summer lovers. Shining Sun, Clear blue ocean, white sand beach. It look…

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