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Speaking Of Summer Noodles In Japan, Somen And Hiyamugi! What's The Difference?

There are noodles that consumption increases in summer in Japan. Those are Hiyamugi and Somen. But …

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5 Fun Facts About Shaved Ice

Kakigori is sure to be a perfect complement of ice cream. It is indispensable in the summer of Japa…

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Japanese Sauces Make Your Dish Awesome

Japanese gourmet is awesome. Its sauces are no exception. Japanese families are always keeping a wi…

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Is Japanese Confectionery (Wagashi) Healthy?

Needless to say, everyone loves the western style confectionery. Many Japanese (especially young p…

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3 Sophisticated Traditional Handcrafts Grown Up In Aizu, Fukushima

As you know, a tremendous earthquake hit Fukushima in 2011. Although there is still some damage in …

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Wakeari Products: Japanese B Grade Products You Can Get Cheaper

Have you ever heard of “wakeari” products? It means, “There is a reason.” This might be considered …

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Soul Food Of Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen

Delicious ramen bowls have won Japanese cuisine worldwide reputation. Ramen is a good combination o…

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Netsuke: The Old Japanese Mobile Strap

Netsuke is a beautiful miniature sculpture existing since centuries ago in Japan. It's not so famou…

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3 Useful Apps When You Travel In Japan

There are many apps you may use not to get lost in Japan.

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5 Things To Do In Niigata, Japan

Mention Niigata Prefecture and the world-renowned Koshihikari Rice comes readily to mind. Niigata i…

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