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4 Summer Fireworks Festivals You Should Attend

Spring's out, summer's in. And what better way to usher in spectacular summer than going to the awe…

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Gansenji Temple In Kyoto : Provide A Quiet Retreat For You

Gansenji is located at the southern end of Kyoto, at the prefectural border of Nara. It is famous a…

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4 Ways Muslims Can Feel At Home In Japan

Japan is becoming more and more Muslim-friendly these days, with halal-certified restaurants, easil…

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3 Lovely Shitamachi Neighbourhoods in Tokyo

Tokyo is a vibrant city but it can get a tad overwhelming. Luckily, there are some quiet and quaint…

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3 Fascinating Toys Japanese Children Play With

In this technological age, Japanese children love their digital devices, just like children from ot…

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4 Differences: Tokyo Disneyland VS California Disneyland Park☆

Many people know and love Disneyland! Disneyland was built in California for the first time. After …

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Have You Drunk Tap Water In Japan?

Around the world it's not advised to drink tap water directly in many countries. So if you come to …

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Vespa Mandarinia: The Most Dangerous Animal In Japan

What's the most dangerous animal in Japan? Wolves? No. Bears? No. Sharks? No. They are much "smalle…

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The Another Way To Eat Tofu, Agedashi Dofu

There is something that is truly universal about tofu with its neutral taste tofu may be made an in…

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Tokto Aqua-Bay Artificial Island, Umihotaru

Umihotaru is an amazing place for tourists. Umihotaru is an artificial island accessible from the T…

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