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Japanese Beauty Trick On Becoming Kawaii!

It's almost unbelievable that there are so many cute girls in Japan! What is their secret? Find out more here!

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Find Your Wabi-Sabi In Japan

Wabi sabi is integral to the Japanese way of life and refers to the transcience of beauty, which is particularly apt for a country blessed with four lively seasons.

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4 Must-Buy Japanese Beauty Products

Now, Asia is a hub of products for beauty. Japan is also a country where many people pay attention in order to be and keep beautiful and young, and they have many great products for that. Let's get kawaii!

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Japanese Anime Inspired Makeup: Byojaku

Byojaku literally meaning 'sickly and weak', but what kind of make up is Byojaku really? Read to find out more!

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Beautiful Black Teeth From The Olden Japan

Do you believe that Japanese women used to dye her entire teeth black? What is it used for? Read out to find more!

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Japanese Girls' Way of Being Cute: 'Yaeba' Teeth

Their notion of 'cute' always fascinates foreigners! Do you know the beauty secrets behind their kawaii smiles?

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Wild Japanese Photo Trend Purikura プリクラ

Japan has a photo booth trend that instantly makes you beautiful! Try out purikura in Japan, or just get an app to use at home. Everyone's photogenic with purikura!

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3 Affordable Eye Cosmetics That Make You Kawaii

Have you heard of tsukema? It is one of the most popular Japanese eye cosmetics. Japanese girls think that the big eyes are important to be beautiful, so Japan has many kinds of cosmetics to enhance the eyes. I will introduce 3 recommended products that are affordable and useful.

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New "Moon Prism Power" Make Up

More Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Lineup was announced earlier this month!

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5 Beauty Benefits Matcha Gives You

Japanese green tea, called "matcha", is very popular among tourists in Japan. However, did you know that matcha has a lot of healthy effects? It contains many substances that are beneficial to your body and your beauty.

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