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3 Big Holy Lands of "Otaku" in Eastern Japan and Western Japan

Have you been to Holy land of Otaku before? There is known for Holy land of Otaku in Japan.You can go to Holy land both Eastern Japan and Western Japan.

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6 Breeds of Freaking Adorable Japanese Dogs

Dogs are always cute, no matter where you live! But Japanese dogs are the best. They are so smart and faithful, as you may know from the movie called "Hachi". Let's see what kinds and how cute they are.

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The Perfect Guide Of Japanese Convenience Store, Called Konbini

"Konbini" is "convenience stores" in Japanese. There are 50,000 convenience stores in Japan. I went to Family Mart, one of the biggest chains in Japan, to see what you can find in konbini in Japan!

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5 Manners You Should Know When You Eat WASHOKU

Can you eat washoku in the correct way? Japanese cuisine "Washoku" is becoming really popular among people all around the world. However, it has some rules that makes you a little confused. I will focus on 5 manners you should know before you come to Japan.

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Kaiseki Ryori : Japanese Art Of Cuisine

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The presentation of kaiseki is guided by Japanese aesthetics. There is no wonder that it is known as the most expensive type of Japanese meals. But it's worth trying!!

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Deliver Your Passion In Thirty-one Syllables - No? Discover TANKA, Japanese Traditional Poetry

Tanka, a traditional Japanese poetry which you read in thirty-one syllable verse, in a single sentence. It is a form of Waka, a kind of Japanese verse or song.

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6 Interesting Facts About Japan

Now that I have lived in Japan for a few years, I have actually seen and experienced many of them and more. Let me guide you through some main ones. How many do you know?

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What is Japanese Floral Arrangement "Ikebana"?

In many cultures flower arranging is something to be executed symmetrically. The Japanese way, on the other hand, is quite different. Welcome to Ikebana 生花 101!

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3 Must-Go Festivals You Should Visit in Kumamoto

Kumamoto had a big earthquake in last April However the pulse of a city is often determined through the festivals celebrated by the locals, so let's learn more about these unique Kumamoto festivals!

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Ninja vs Samurai: Which One Is Stronger?

Ninja and samurai. Both are very popular Japanese culture. If ninja and samurai fight each other, which will win? This is a really controversial topic.

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