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6 Interesting Facts About Japan

Now that I have lived in Japan for a few years, I have actually seen and experienced many of them and more. Let me guide you through some main ones. How many do you know?

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What is Japanese Floral Arrangement "Ikebana"?

In many cultures flower arranging is something to be executed symmetrically. The Japanese way, on the other hand, is quite different. Welcome to Ikebana 生花 101!

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3 Must-Go Festivals You Should Visit in Kumamoto

Kumamoto had a big earthquake in last April However the pulse of a city is often determined through the festivals celebrated by the locals, so let's learn more about these unique Kumamoto festivals!

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Ninja vs Samurai: Which One Is Stronger?

Ninja and samurai. Both are very popular Japanese culture. If ninja and samurai fight each other, which will win? This is a really controversial topic.

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Minyo(民謡): Japanese Traditional Folk Songs

There are many types of Japanese traditional folk music. They can be categorized as children’s songs, work songs, religious songs, ballads, as well songs that accompany dancing at festivals. Most of prefecture has their own traditional folk song.

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Live event of Touhou Project will be held in Shinjuku BLAZE in 13, March 2016.

Hey there I’m macko*! Here I will introduce to you the live event of Touhou Project which will be held in 13, March 2016.

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5 Strange Drinks You Can Buy At The Vending Machines In Japan

You can find a lot of vending machines everywhere in Japan. Sometimes they have strange beverages. I introduce 5 peculiar drinks(and foods)!

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7 Supreme Important Things in "Tatami Room"

Do you make Japanese-style room? It is so good but, There are some things that are indispensable. Making Japanese-style room is more interesting if you know structure of the room.

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IRON ATTACK will release a concept album under the theme of Sangokushi!

Hey there it’s macko*! Doujin music circle IRON ATTACK will release a new album called TETSUGEKI SANGOKUSHI ~ SANGOKU ATTACK ~ in January of 2016. Speaking of IRON ATTACK!, maybe many people know them as an extremely popular band, but I still want more people to know about them!

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Why Do We Get So Attracted To Katana

Katana is Japanese swords as you may know. It's well-known in all the world because it's so cool! Here we wrote about the history and types of katana. You would find more attraction after reading.

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