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What's The Concept Of Apology in Japan: Observing The Use Of “Sorry”

Some people say that Japanese apologize too much and say “Sorry” even in situations where they should say “Thank you”. Certainly, they use the word “Sorry” or “Excuse me” many times in daily lives, and it may sometimes perplex people from other countries. In this article I will try to examine why the Japanese tend to apologize, and look at the factors affecting the use of such expressions.

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3 Most Famous Japanese Festivals That You Must Go Once In Your Life

Today we introduced about Japanese festivals. Japanese festivals are super exciting!!! Let's take a look at 3 the most famous Japanese festivals!

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Collecting Japanese Seal Stamps of Shrine makes your Visit Memorable

Do you know that Japanese shrines and temples give you the red seal stamps? We call them "Gosyuin". Each of Gosyuins are distinct and different. If you have plan to visit a shrine or temple, get a Gosyuin for your memory in Japan.

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6 Japanese Martial Arts That Are Spread Throughout The World

Are you interested in Japanese culture? Japanese martial arts called "Budo" is one of the the most successful export from Japan. These 6 martial arts we introduce are relatively easy to experience in the world. Shall we try them and develop your skill and mind?

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10 Awesome Animated Birthday Cakes From Japanese Anime That Makes Your Friend Suprised

Hey there it’s macko*! This time I would like to introduce a Japanese cake shop Anime Sugar producing animated character cakes by collaborating with Japanese animation.

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Everyone Looks the Same!! Very Unique Job Hunting in Japan

In Japan, there is a specific term when you can see a lot of university students who wear business suit. They are seeking for job! Compared with other countries, the process of job hunting is unique.

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8 Unspoken Social Rules That You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

Are you coming to Japan? If say so, there are some unspoken rules you should know before. They might surprise you, disgust you, or make you become curious about Japan. Anyway, there is no loss in you knowing that.

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5 Japanese Ghosts "YOKAI" Terrify You

Dragon, fairy, and unicorn.....There are a lot of imaginary creatures created by human. "Yokai" is also unconfirmed existence found in Japanese folklore. I will introduce 5 Japanese ghosts "Yokai"!

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3 All You Can Read Museums which make Manga Fans Happy

Do you like Manga? If you say "Yes", you will spend valuable time these three museums in Japan. They allow you to stay and read as many mangas as you like for all day long . What a nice place!! Come to visit!!

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5 Changes After You Started Zen Meditation

Have you tried Zen meditation? It's a famous story that Steve Jobs practiced Zen meditation. Now it's spread all over the world. People feel that something is totally different after practicing it. These are the effect of Zen meditation.

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