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The Movie Trailer Of The Third " New Theatrical Edition "Initial D" " Has Unveiled!

"The New Theatrical Edition "Initial D" Legend 3 -Mugen-" is scheduled to have the premiere on February 6th in 2016.

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5 Best Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Songs

Have you heard of Japanese singer called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? She is becoming more and more popular overseas. Her songs are very pop-ish. Some hate them, some love them. Hope you like it!

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Welcome To The Gamers' Sanctuary, CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT BAR

Are you a Gamer? We will Introduce you the CAPCOM x PASELA Entertainment BAR, located as a gamer’s sanctuary in Shinjuku. ENJOY.

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5 Recommended Anime Movies Feel Like Watching With Boy/Girlfriends

Titles that make the couple feel a little wistful, mellow, or that recall something that both had forgotten, have been chosen. Obviously, these are all enjoyable animations to watch alone too!

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STARWARS Figure, Samurai Style Stormtrooper Is Coming

The movie, STAR WARS:Episode 7 might be the hottest topic this month all over the world. Japanese toy company BANDAI announced that the figure "MEISHO MOVIE REALIZATION TAIKOYAKU STORMTROOPER" is coming!

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STAR WARS ✕ NIXON COLLECTION: The Best Watches and Accessories in the Galaxy

NIXON, popular accessory brand from California released watches and other accessories which are designed with a motif of DARTH VADER and BOBA FETT. If you are big fan of STARWARS or NIXON, you can't miss them!!

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STARWARS: Lightsaber will light up your room!

Everyone have imagined being a hero like in movies. But what would you do if you have a chance to become one? The STAR WARS Lightsaber is now sold in Japan!

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Do You Dare To Challenge a 'Real Escape Game'?

Real Escape game is getting popular among people all over the world. Did you know that the first escape game started Japan? When you visit Japan, you have to try it!

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Bubble Run Will Be Held For The First Time In Okinawa

SPORTSONE Co., Ltd will hold a fun-run event called "Bubble Run 2016 in Okinawa" on March 12th, at Chura Sun Beach. Bubble Run is a race to the finish where runners are totally covered in bubbles.

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5 Recommended Mystery/Suspense Japanese Animations

Anime!Anime! and Game*Spark started a project to pick up a recommended series from PlayStation Video Store.

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