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Kimono For Men, Casual And Formal Ones

If you have seen a master of katana or other Japanese artifacts, you might have noticed they are wearing something different from Western clothing. Actually, many Japanese artists who majoring into traditional Japanese work tend to prefer the traditional clothing. Let's have a look at various Japanese clothing for men.

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When And How People Wear Kimono In Japan

In Japan, there are clothes that are as formal as suits and dresses; kimono is the one. And as there are some rules about wearing suits and dresses, so are rules about wearing kimono.

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“Print Club Stickers For Nails" By Which You Can Make Nail Seals!

I'd like to introduce "print club stickers for nails", Sega Interactive nail seal print machine.

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5 Instagram Accounts From Japan Which Absolutely Entertain Your Timeline

Do you use Instagram? Do you follow any Japanese accounts? If not, you have to do it now! There are many accounts through which you can feel Japan from different angles such as culture, fashion, scenery, art and whatnot...

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Fundoshi: A Japanese Ultra Comfortable Underwear

Fundoshi is a Japanese traditional underwear which most people no longer wear nowadays. However, there are still some people who love wearing fundoshi because it's really comfortable!

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3 Things You Probably Don't Know About Kimono

Kimono is traditional Japanese clothing as you know. In this century, when Japanese hear "clothing", it is mainly western style. However, Japanese people are still wearing kimono for special occasions, and more and more people are reconfirming the greatness of kimono.

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3 Japanese Brands Leading The Fashion World

For many people, fashion is not just for pleasure but also the way to express themselves. It is also true for Japanese people, and many are looking for a great attire to wear. Of course, Japanese companies and designers is trying to meet this demand. Let me introduce you some Japanese clothing brands, which are also popular around the world.

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The Real Of Wearing In Japan

Not a few people express their identity by what they wear. In other words, seeing what they wear will tell you what kind of person he/she is. So, how about Japanese people? Do they wear kimono or Ninja-suit? Okay, let's discover the truth.

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Face Packs with One Piece’s Luffy and Shanks Designs!

Isshin Do Honpo's newest face pack design is collaborated with the famous work One Piece, and is designed to look like the faces of Monkey D. Luffy and Red-Haired Shanks.

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Women's Kimono In Modern Japan

Kimono is the traditional clothing from Japan. Although people don't wear kimonos or other traditional clothing nearly as much as they used to, it is still an inseparable part of Japan. Do you know that there are many types of Kimono in Japan? Find out more about the popular ones here!

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