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Kururinpa: Latest Japanese Kawaii Hairstyle

Do you know Kururinpa? It's kind of a trend of kawaii fashion in Japan. It's name of hairstyle. Check this out if you know latest kawaii culture!!

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Japanese Elementary School Kids Use The Most Luxurious Bag For Their Age

"Randoseru" is the name of bag which Japanese elementary school kids have to use. When you come to Japan, you will see a lot of kids with this bag. Not many people know why they use those bags.

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LOLITA - Give It A Try? Sub-Culture Fashion In Japan

Have you ever wondered what "Lolita" is all about? Do you know how popular it is in Japan?

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The Attitude Towards Fashion of Japanese Women

Although the types are different, Japanese women are truly super passionate about fashion. Let's take a look at their attitude towards fashion!!

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4 Best Places To Visit In Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku, in Tokyo, is famous for Japanese street fashion. Getting out of Harajuku station, you can see not only the street fashion but also Japanese traditional culture there.

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Japanese Kawaii Nail Art that surprise you

You may know Japanese nail quality is highly regarded. Now, Otaku culture entered into this industry. Ita-nail(痛ネイル) is nail art which is illustrated anime, manga, game character. Actually it's elaborated and so cute!!

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OJAGA DESIGN x HATSUNE MIKU Collaboration Leather Items!

Hatsune Miku is the world’s most famous virtual pop star. Here are Hatsune Miku 's leather item collab with OJAGA JAPAN. If you like the Vocaloids, you definitely want to check this out!

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4 Ways To Experience Japanese Culture In Tokyo

In Tokyo 東京, there are amazing plans for overseas visitors to experience many aspects of Japanese Culture. On holiday in Japan, many visitors may have been given the chance to see different types of Japanese Culture. Today we introduce 4 way to experience Japanese culture in Tokyo! Feel Japan with body and soul!

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What a great concept! This T-shirt at Village Vanguard is a genius idea!

Hi, it's Macko*! Today I will introduce you A T-shirt sold by Village Vanguard is so amazing that should be mentioned.

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Do you know the traditional Japanese undergarment “Fundoshi”?

Hi, it's macko*! “Fundoshi”(Loincloth) is the traditional Japanese undergarment. Just like people of former days dressed in fundoshi drawn on the ukiyoe which describes the daily life then, fundoshi played an important role as not only the underwear but also working clothes of men until the Edo era. However, afterward, the Japanese clothes were westernized at high speed, but since it’s good for health, people begin to pay attention to it again these years. Today I will show you the history, type and wearing method of fundoshi.

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