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5 Tips To Maximize Your Travel To Japan

Japan is a small country, but when you visit Japan, you'll find it's quite interesting for sure. But just wondering around isn't so much fun, here is how to maximize your travel to Japan.

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Kaze No Bon -The Exquisitely Beautiful Bon Dance In Japan-

Kaze No Bon (風の盆) is a summer festival held every year in Yatsuo town, Toyama pref. The unique yet beautiful bon dance is literally translated as "Bon Dance of The Wind" Here is what the event looks like.

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5 Best Yatai Food In Japanese Summer Festivals

What is yatai food? Yatai is the food stall in Japanese. When it comes to Japanese summer, it's time for "omatsuri" or festival. Around those summer festivals, there are lots of food stalls and serve B grade gourmet! What's the best 5 yatai food by the way? Here are the ones you might want to try!

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One Of The Famous Festival In Tokyo: Sanja Matsuri

Many famous festivals are held in Japan to honor historical people. And Sanja Festival is one of them.

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Sumida River Firework Display Is Coming To This Weekend

There is nothing more perfect than watching a firework show near a river with your important ones. Don't miss it if you're in Japan.

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The Festival Of Good Harvest

This event is where gods are sent prayers for a profitable harvest. This festival will be held in Akita Prefecture, and it is one of the three great festivals of the Tohoku area alongside the Nebuta Festival in Aomori and the Tanabata Festival in Sendai.

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4 Special Foods For Traditional Holidays In Japan

In Japanese cuisine tradition, some foods are only to be enjoyed in specific events or traditions. Find what Japanese people love to eat during the holidays.

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Beautiful Winter Festival In Japan: Akita Kamakura Matsuri

One of the wonderful festivals held every year in Akita prefecture of Japan.

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3 Best Autumn Festivals In Japan

Autumn is a magical time in Japan, with the whole country turning into a visual spectacle of autumn colors. The festivals are equally eye-popping, with the natives celebrating bountiful harvests and long-cherished customs.

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3 Famous Summer Festivals In Tohoku Regions

Summer is coming in Japan. And it is time for festivals again!

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