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5 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Enjoy Tofu in Japanese Style

Now that Tofu is enjoyed among many people all over the world. Some eat it as raw,others may eat it as cooked. Tofu itself has a simple and plain taste. Some may say it has almost no taste, but here are 5 populor ways to enjoy tofu in Japanese style.

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5 Best Japanese Bread You Should Try

When it comes to Japanese food, you may think of rice. However, so many of Japanese people do love bread. In Japanese, bread is called "pan." Here is the best 5 you might want to try out!

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5 Japanese Amazingly Yummy Ways to Eat Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts in Japanese are called "moyashi" (もやし). The Japanese people love to eat moyashi in various kinds of Japanese dishes. Besides, bean sprouts contain dietary fibers, vitamin C and B, and Calcium. Here are 5 amazingly yummy ways to enjoy bean sprouts in a Japanese style.

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5 Best Yatai Food In Japanese Summer Festivals

What is yatai food? Yatai is the food stall in Japanese. When it comes to Japanese summer, it's time for "omatsuri" or festival. Around those summer festivals, there are lots of food stalls and serve B grade gourmet! What's the best 5 yatai food by the way? Here are the ones you might want to try!

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Shirokuma: Kagoshima's Kawaii Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of Shiroka Ice Cream before? It's not only delicious but kawaii ice cream in Japan. Here is the introduction about Shirokuma the Kawaii Ice Cream.

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Kushiage: The Amazingly Delicious Party Food

Kushiage also known as Kushikatsu is a Japanese style deep-fried kebab. Kushiage is very popular especially in Osaka, yet you can find the restaurant in many places in Japan!

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3 Most Popular Japanese Summer Sweets Which Make People Feel Cooler

Now that the hot summer has arrived in Japan, it's time to enjoy cold summer sweets. You may wonder what kind of Japanese summer sweets there are. Here are three most popular summer sweets you might want to try and enjoy.

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5 Ways How To Prevent Heat Stroke In Japanese Way

It is getting really hot and humid in Japan during summer. Many people experience heat stroke due to the weather. Here are some tips to prevent heat stroke in Japanese way.

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5 Yummy Ways To Eat Cucumber In Japanese Way

Cucumber is considered as a summer vegetable in Japan. It is widely eaten during the hot summer season and enjoyed in Japanese way. Cucumber in Japanese is Kyuuri (きゅうり) and considered as helping to cool down hot body. Here are 5 examples to eat cucumber in Japanese style.

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Plum Wine: The Best Japanese Drink In Summer

Have you ever tried Plum Wine (Umeshu)? There are various kinds of Japanese Sake to enjoy, yet the plum wine is the best to enjoy in the summer. Here's why and a description of the tasty Japanese drink.

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