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3 All You Can Eat Courses You Can Enjoy in Japan

Do you love to eat such as yakiniku course? If you love to take an all you can eat course, let’s know what Japan has for it! All you can eat course is also known as “Tabehoudai” 食べ放題 in Japanese, so let’s know more about it!

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Bullet train can deliver sushi in sushi shop

Bullet train can deliver anything, can't it? Especially, people or baggage. And, sushi is no exception. It is funny way to use bullet train.

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How Much Do You Know About 'Washoku'?

Since 'Washoku' was added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, more and more people became interested. However, how much do you know about 'Washoku'? Let's learn about it!

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5 Great Inventions Of Japan You May Appreciate

Japan has been very creative in a lot of different fields. This time, I picked up 5 inventions of Japan which you might be using in daily lives. You'll see how much the world needs Japan!

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RAMUNE: Popular Japanese Sparkling Drink

Ramune is the most well known soft drink sold at any festivals in Japan. The origin of this soft drink is from Kobe prefecture.

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Can Use Them Right? Chopstick Etiquette

It is always difficult to learn local manners - can you use chopsticks correctly?

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Japanese Love To Eat A Fish That Has Poison?

You will be able to eat this fugu sashimi in Japan! Fugu is the name of blowfish. It is really safe to eat?

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Let Them Dance Into Your Mouth: Dancing Squid in Hakodate

Dancing Squid in Hakodate is so popular to the extent that most foreigners who have visited Hakodate, would have tried this!

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Two Different Delicious Eels In Japan Unagi 鰻 And Anago 穴子

When you go to a sushi restaurant and order up some Eel Nigiri and the sushi chef ask if you would like to have Unagi or Anago do you know the difference? Just when you thought that all eels are created equal the sushi god has to throw you a curveball, right? Not to worry, we will take a closer look at the differences and have you order eel like a pro at your local sushi bar next time.

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Wagyu Beef: The Food You Should Definitely Eat In Japan

You have so much food to eat in Japan. Wagyu is also one of them. You'll definitely satisfied. You'll want to know Wagyu after eating it! Let's learn about it.

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