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"Tsukemono" Is The Best Accompaniment To Rice

Do you love to eat pickles, such as pickled cucumbers or etc.? If you have eaten some kind of bento box or Japanese Teishoku (Japanese set meal) in Japan, maybe you will see something that has an attractive and strong coloring. These are Japanese pickles called Tsukemono 漬物! Feeling curious about these pickles? Let us learn more about them!

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7 Weird Japanese Ice Cream Flavors To Try In Japan

While the most people in the world eat sweet or sour flavored ice cream, Japanese people have their own way to make the ice cream’s flavor. At this article, I will introduce you some of the ice cream’s flavor in Japan.

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5 Best Japanese Canned Foods You Should Try

Canned foods are the highly recommended souvenirs because they enable you to taste Japanese delicious foods after go back to your country, and you can present them to your friends and family as well. I will introduce 5 good taste canned foods!

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5 Manners You Should Know When You Eat WASHOKU

Can you eat washoku in the correct way? Japanese cuisine "Washoku" is becoming really popular among people all around the world. However, it has some rules that makes you a little confused. I will focus on 5 manners you should know before you come to Japan.

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Kaiseki Ryori : Japanese Art Of Cuisine

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The presentation of kaiseki is guided by Japanese aesthetics. There is no wonder that it is known as the most expensive type of Japanese meals. But it's worth trying!!

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6 Interesting Facts About Japan

Now that I have lived in Japan for a few years, I have actually seen and experienced many of them and more. Let me guide you through some main ones. How many do you know?

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Soy Sauce Is An Indispensable Seasoning To Japanese Cooking

People usually use soy sauce(shoyu 醤油) for many dishes in Japan, such as ramen, sushi, soba, etc. Surprisingly, there are so many types of it, so let’s find out about those types!

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5 Specialty Cuisine That You Should Try In Hokkaido

Hokkaido cuisine is one of the northern island’s biggest attractions. Hokkaido is also called “Kingdom of Seafood”, where you can find the freshest sushi, crab, and the other seafood there. You'll regret if you don't try these specialty cuisines in your visit of Hokkaido!

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Simple, Tasty, and Loved Japanese Food, Ochazuke

Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea over cooked rice. For the toppings, there are pickles, seaweed, sesame seeds, salted salmon or tuna, wasabi, and etc. Not only tasty, also good for your health. I'm sure you'll like it! Let me introduce this awesome Japanese food.

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How Did The Life In Japan Make Me Healthier

Japanese people are so thin, although they eat rice and noodles. It is also known that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. The oldest man and woman in the world are Japanese. Let's take a look at this secret!!

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