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4 Ways How To Lose Weight In Japanese Way

Basically the Japanese are thin. The secret is what they eat and how to spend a daily life. Needless to say, the small portion of food plays a big role in a weight control,but here is more.

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Kyoyasai: Kyoto's Special Nutritious Vegetables

Have you ever heard of Kyoyasai? It's categorized as "heirloom vegetables" originating in Kyoto. Unlike usual vegetables, kyoyasai are unique and nutritious. Here is what they are about.

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Benefits Form Umeboshi That Is Essential For Washoku

Umeboshi is very common is Japanese dishes. Its benefits are numerous.

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4 Fun Facts About Vinegar In Japan

Vinegar is one of the irreplaceable element of Japanese daily cuisine. Japanese vinegar is a useful condiment, because it enhances the flavor of foods and has a multitude of health benefits. Let's learn how vinegar enriches our cooking and improves our lives!

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11 Stereotypes About Japan That Are Actually True

I think everybody has stereotypes about different countries. For example when I think of America, I think of hamburgers, guns, and maybe fat people, no offense. What do you think of Japan? I asked some people what are the typical stereotypes they think of when they think of Japan.

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3 Recommended Japanese Food For Vegetarians

Actually, it's pretty hard to find vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Japan because there are almost no vegetarians in Japan. But you can still enjoy the delicacy of vegetarian food in Japan somehow.

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5 Beauty Benefits Matcha Gives You

Japanese green tea, called "matcha", is very popular among tourists in Japan. However, did you know that matcha has a lot of healthy effects? It contains many substances that are beneficial to your body and your beauty.

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A Secret To Japanese Longevity: Hara Hachi Bu!

Japanese people live the longest of anyone on the planet, but what is their secret? Do you want to know? There is an old confucian health tip. Let's learn together!

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Why Most Japanese People Are So Thin??

Many people think Japanese people are so thin. And actually, they are, but why are they so thin? There are some reasons why. Of course food is one of them. Japanese food is very healthy. What's more?

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How Did The Life In Japan Make Me Healthier

Japanese people are so thin, although they eat rice and noodles. It is also known that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. The oldest man and woman in the world are Japanese. Let's take a look at this secret!!

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