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For Your Unique Souvenir, Traditional Handcraft Yosegi Zaiku

Yosegi Zaiku is known as a handcraft box or a traditional parquetry made from natural fine grains and woods. The various natural colors of woods create the elaborate mosaic patterns.

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Amigurumi: Japanese Knitted And Crocheted Doll

Talking about knitting or crocheting, maybe all of you will think about some stuff in winter, such as sweater, shawls, and etc. You can make some cute stuff from skills, called “Amigurumi”

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3 Recommended Well-Portable Cameras For Your Travel To Japan

When traveling overseas, one of the fun you can expect is to take as many photos as possible. And Japanese cameras are known for the quality. Here are three recommendations of Japanese compact cameras.

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4 Must-Buy Japanese Beauty Products

Now, Asia is a hub of products for beauty. Japan is also a country where many people pay attention in order to be and keep beautiful and young, and they have many great products for that. Let's get kawaii!

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4 Clever Japanese Gifts For Anyone Who’s Constantly On Their Phone

The phrase, "Where are you now?", is relatively recently-born, because it must be their home before it became common to have a mobile phone. Now, many people love their phone so much that it is good to think about such gifts for them as a present. Here are Japanese recommendations.

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5 Amazing Japanese Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier

When you hear "Made In Japan", what do you associate with? Many people may imagine green tea or other "Japanesque" things, but there are so many other made-in-Japans in many countries, all of which will improve your quality of life. Indeed.

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3 Unique And High-Performance Nail Clippers From Japan

Japanese nail clippers are becoming popular among tourists because the blades cut well, and the cover prevents the cut nails from scattering. Also, there are a lot of different designs. I'm sure that Japanese nail clippers will be a good gift for your friends!

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How Japanese People Feel Onsen At Home

Japanese love to take a hot bath. Taking a hot bath is the most relaxing way to heal the coldness and tired body. You can enjoy a hot bath with "Onsen Powder" at home.

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The Place Japanese Go To Instead Of Bed - Futon

You may have heard rumor have it that Japanese people sleep on floor, in other words, without a bed. Yes, it is true and some Japanese people use something called "futon" instead of a bed to "go to bed". However, it's been a long time since the Western culture spread in Japan; how many people are still "going to futon"?

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The Greatest Sharpener Of Knives, Waterstone

If you are fond of cooking and proud of it, you must use a whetstone. In Western style, such stones are used with oil to sharpen knives, but Japan has another type of that: a waterstone. What's the difference? Let's fulfill your curiosity about cooking items.

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