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Ita-sha (decorated cars) gathered in the place appears in "Girls and Panzer”’s!

This event is held every year to appreciate the delicacy of "anglers", Oarai's winter delicacy. Its officially announced number of visitors is about one hundred ten thousand.

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Spotlight on home-prepared meals for pets! Cooking class in a city for your favorite pets

"Pet life", a portal website to deliver information about pets and life, held "One-Coin cooking class for your favorite pets" on 18th. About 40 people joined the class.

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The most delicious ramen ranking in Tokyo

Kodansha corporation released a ramen noodle award book, to introduce this year's most delicious ramen noodle in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama area.

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New product "pokemon chiku-chiku sewing" on sale at the Pokémon center!

The Pokémon Company will begin the sale of its original product "pokemon chiku-chiku sewing" in every Pokémon center in Japan starting November 7th.

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Evangelion Bullet Train Launched, Designed by Ikuto Yamashita's, Departs Hakata for Shin-Osaka

West Japan Railway Company (JR-WEST) held the launching ceremony for the new 500 TYPE EVA bullet train on November 7th, from Fukuoka prefecture’s Hakata Station.

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In 2015's Christmas, don't miss Star Wars and robot toys annouced by Toysrus!

Toysrus Japan issued "a Christmas catalogue" published every year on Nov. 13th that lists more than 500 toys and games. At the same time, it announced 2015's trend of Christmas toys. There are a lot of popular item lineups such as "toys for three generations" like "Star Wars" and "robot and RC toys".

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"KIROBO mini" made its first debut at Tokyo Motor Show!

Toyota's "KIROBO mini" was shown at the past Tokyo Motor Show, was very popular especially to women and children. We covered it since the communication tool may be applied to future ITS.

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Are Zombies A Social Issue In Japan?

Smartphone is widely spread among people all over the world. Nowadays, people are using smartphone everyday, anytime. This high-tech device is causing a new social issue in Japan.

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