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My First Visit to the Tokyo Game Show !! A new trend is Virtual Reality

Tokyo Game Show is the biggest game event in Japan. This year,the number of visitors is second-largest in history. New company participated in, Virtual Reality was paid much attention, and cute game show girls was photographed by so many people as always. I'd like to share my first visit report of TGS!! Let's take a look at this and visit next year!!

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There Is No Better Way To Drink Coffee With Mug Is Printed Japanese Cartoon On

I found the best Mug for you! Today we introduce Japanese cartoon art inspired mug. They are really awesome! Check out them!

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5 Populor Anime Cosplay Ideas For Girls

Are you looking for a costume you want to try next? How about these ideas? They are still popular and people will easily recognize them. Enjoy cosplaying!

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Akihabara is the Best Otaku Town Ever

Akihabara is a town that many anime and game fans (Otaku) are thoroughly familiar with. Today we introduce 3 best otaku shop in Akihabara.

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MARVEL Super Heros are here!!

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron will begin hitting the theaters worldwide shortly! Everyone love Marvel super heros! Today we introduce Marvel super hero's figure! It's amazing high quality.

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Here will comes the Comic Market 88 from 14th, August!

Hi, it's macko*! Comic Market is a festival for OTAKU that held twice every year. And the 88th Comic Market will start from 14th, August. Besides basic information,I want to introduce to you some exhibition companies that should be paid attention to personally and recommended doujinshi shops after the Comic Market.

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What a great concept! This T-shirt at Village Vanguard is a genius idea!

Hi, it's Macko*! Today I will introduce you A T-shirt sold by Village Vanguard is so amazing that should be mentioned.

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The Best Photo Album Just Collect Only Girl's Expansive "thigh"!!

Hi, it's macko*! Today I'm writing about a Japanese book that surprised me, "Futomomo shashinkan"that collect just girl's expansive thigh!! You'll enjoy this article, even just for the pictures! Any guy would want to pay attention. >>> http://wasa-bi.com/topics/75

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Japanese books that shocked me “BL pose collection created with a manga writer”

Hi, it's macko*! As a manga lover, I frequently visit bookstores in hopes of encountering new mangas. I coincidentally found “BL(Boy’s love) pose collection created with a manga writer” on one of those trips to a bookstore. I was shocked by the title, and so does the cover. I was so curious that I can’t help myself to have a look at it. Then I found so many poses that were beyond my imagination. So today, I will summarize the book which shocked me called “BL pose collection created with a manga writer.” And it must be unmissable for Fujyoshi! (Girls who are interested in BL)

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Ochatomo Series from “Kuroko no Basuke”

Ochatomo figures are designed to (with cuteness) keep you company on your cup! The second series of “Kuroko no Basuke” Ochatomo features your favorite basketball players in their school uniforms. These players can now hang off your cup, taking a break from their school work. Each character also comes with a coaster that compliments their character image!

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