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Amezaiku: The Art of Sculpting...Candy?!

Japan has always been the land of beauty, where the citizens are also have a good sense of art. Japanese's skills in art and crafts are without doubt, is one of the best in the world, including in sculpting. Sculpting from clay is the norm, and in some more unique style, artists sculpt their work from glass, but do you know you can sculpt from candy too? (and yes, it's edible!)

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Book Paradise In Tokyo, Jinbocho

Have you been to Jinbocho in Tokyo? If you are a bookworm, visit there! There are many bookstores especially used books. Getting a book and reading it with coffee at a retro cafe in Jinbocho is one of the best moment of my life!

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Experience The Cutting Edge Science Technologies In Tokyo

Guiding you to the museum of future called Miraikan in Japanese.

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One Thing You Should Buy When You Visit Japan

There is one thing you must not forget to buy when you visit Japan. This item will surely make your travel convenient. What is the item? It's the Japanese smart card!

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An urban oasis: Nagomi Style Café in Akihabara marked the 10th anniversary!

Nagomi Style Café is located on the outskirts of Akihabara right outside of Suehirocho station, where is a holy land for OTAKU. And Nov.11 marked the 10th anniversary of since the café setting up. Here I want to introduce to you this Japanese style café, with the theme of the old hotels in Kyoto.

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3 Places To Visit At Tokyo Station

If you have traveled Tokyo, you probably come or pass the Tokyo station. There are so many people and train lines. But also attractive places are there.

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6 Marvelous Dating Spots with Japanese Girl in Winter in Tokyo

Japanese girls love winter illuminations. When you go out with Japanese girls in the winter season, take her to your favorite spot below!

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4 Sceneries You Should See In Odaiba, Tokyo

Do you know about the Rainbow Bridge in Japan? How could it be? Let's imagine it first! It is located at Odaiba, Japan. Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo bay, Japan across that Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. Well, this is how the Rainbow Bridge looks like.

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Ekiben Is A Type of Bento Which Has Been Loved For More Than 100 Years

Ekiben is a specific type of bento box sold in mainly train stations in Japan. People eat ekiben on a train when they are on a trip. Let's see more about ekiben and get hungry!

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4 Best Places To Visit In Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku, in Tokyo, is famous for Japanese street fashion. Getting out of Harajuku station, you can see not only the street fashion but also Japanese traditional culture there.

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