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7 Troubles You Will Probably Get Into When You Are In Big Cities Of Japan

It's almost impossible to avoid all troubles when you travel, but you should expect what kind of troubles you may meet in the country you travel to. Here are 7 troubles you should watch out before visiting Japan.

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4 Unique Themed Cafe You Can Experience in Tokyo!

Maid cafes are too mainstream and chances are you guys have experienced it once or twice here or everywhere else, so how about enriching your Japan experience with another unique themed cafe as well?

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Try The Love Train In Japan!

Love train is here to celebrate Valentine and White day! Available for limited time, they are here to warm up your commuter in Japan!

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World's Top Aquarium Loving Country; Japan!

Have you ever thought of visiting an aquarium in Japan? If not, please go! Surprisingly, Japan is the country with the largest number of aquariums!

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4 Most Relaxing Hot Springs In Tokyo

There are many well known hot springs aka onsen in Tokyo. And here I choose 4 of the best ones!

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3 International Dining Areas Around Tokyo!

Do you know that other than Japanese food, get a whole new experience of these 'Little Towns' in Japan!

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5 Best Sakura Viewing Spot In Tokyo

It's almost spring, and we know you are waiting for the Sakura to bloom! You can see sakura pretty much everywhere in Japan, but this article is a must read for you guys who are planning to get the best for your sakura viewing activity in Tokyo this year!

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Izakaya Paradise; Yurakucho And Shinbashi

There are many restaurants and izakaya bars under the girders (Gardo shita) of railway tracks in Yurakucho area. So many office workers stop by and have some drinks after work at those places.

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Take A Photo With Hatsune Miku By This App!

The only thing you need is your phone and you can have fun doing photoshoot with Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku!

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About 100 Gashapons Gather In Kichijoji, Tokyo

We can look back their items at the exhibition. Items from nostalgic ones from the most recent ones will be displayed.

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