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Exclusive From Japan: Star Wars Ukiyoe and Premium Home Collection!

Celebrate the newly released, seventh installment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Original Star Wars Collections in collaboration with Lucasfilms, for limited time only!

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One Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Traditional Art, Giyaman Pottery

A certain type of porcelain developed in Toki city, Gifu is gaining attention worldwide. The porcelain is called "Giyaman Pottery," and has a shiny translucent texture that resembles glass.

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Kimono For men, Casual And Formal Ones

If you have seen a master of katana or other Japanese artifacts, you might have noticed they are wearing something different from Western clothing. Actually, many Japanese artists who majoring into traditional Japanese work tend to prefer the traditional clothing. Let's have a look at various Japanese clothing for men.

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When And How People Wear Kimono In Japan

In Japan, there are clothes that are as formal as suits and dresses; kimono is the one. And as there are some rules about wearing suits and dresses, so are rules about wearing kimono.

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The Greatest Sharpener Of Knives, Waterstone

If you are fond of cooking and proud of it, you must use a whetstone. In Western style, such stones are used with oil to sharpen knives, but Japan has another type of that: a waterstone. What's the difference? Let's fulfill your curiosity about cooking items.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Japanese, Chinese And Korean Chopsticks?

When you hear of "chopsticks", you may think of Japanese culture. However, China and Korea also have a culture of chopstick use. Actually, there is a difference between the chopstick styles, and it says a lot about the culture of their diet.

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Christmas Tree Which Is Collaborated With Japanese Traditional And French Modern At The Andaz Tokyo

A Christmas tree which is only one in the world is at the lobby of Andaz Tokyo in Toranomon. This Christmas tree is the masterpiece of collaborating with Japanese tradition and French modern. Absolutely it worth seeing.

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Japanese Traditional Craft "Tsugaru-nuri Lacquering"

Tsugaru-nuri is a general term used for traditional lacquerware produced in the Tsugaru region, Aomori Prefecture.

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Japan's Traditional Crafts Product "Kiseru" (Japanese Smoking Pipe).

This time we will introduce the "Kiseru" from Japan's long history of traditional crafts.

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Japanese traditional craft "Edo Kiriko"

Today we will tell you about "Edo Kiriko," one of 1,000 Japanese traditional crafts.

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