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Koto 琴 ; Traditional Japanese Harp Plays Beautiful Sound

Koto 琴 is a Japanese traditional musical instrument. The koto is played beautifully to express musical scenery with its harmony and excellent sound.Let me introduce this beautiful instrument!!

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MANEKI-NEKO: A Japanese Cat Makes You A Millionaire

Have you seen Maneki-neko? It is a Japanese figurine which has been believed to bring a happiness and good fortune. Want to earn more? Want to be happier? Maneki-neko might help you to fulfill your dreams!

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Torinoichi 酉の市: The Japanese Traditional Festival

TORINO ICHI festival 『酉の市(とりのいち)』 is an event continuing all the time from the Edo era. Maybe you have heard name of it but if you don't know so much and you never been there yet? Let's go to TORINOICHI! and enjoy traditional festival.

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Japanese Wooden Doll KOKESHI is The Best Souvenir For Your Beloved

Maybe all of you have known about the most charming wooden dolls made in Japan. Japanese people usually say it as “Kokeshi” こけし. I can say that it can be such a beautiful and attractive souvenir for you beloved family or friends too. So, let’s know more about this doll!

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Hanko: Your Token in Japan

Do you know that usually in Japan, we don't use our signature for official documents, receiving parcels via post, etc and a personalized name stamp called 'Hanko' is used as replacement? Find out more here! PS: you can own one for fun, too!

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Sarubobo Is Very Cute Japanese Amulet Originated From Takayama

Do you know what this red doll is? Among huge number of Japanese dolls, this "Sarubobo" should be the one of the most interesting.

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ORIGAMI: The Art of Beautiful Paper Folding

There are many types of art in Japan. One of the most well-known is ORIGAMI 折り紙. You can make crane, ninja star, container...etc. Fold your way to happiness!!

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4 Differences Between "Kimono" And "Yukata"

Have you seen Kimono and Yukata? These are very alike, right? But, Kimono is very different from yukata. What's the difference?

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What Is Japanese Encouragement Doll, Daruma?

Do you know Japanese traditional doll "Daruma"? It's kind of cute but it's modelled after Bodhidharma who is the founder of the Zen section of Buddhism. We regard Daruma Doll as as a symbol of good luck. Also popular gift of encouragement. Get one for your souvenir.

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3 Unique Ways Of Using "Washi" Japanese Craft Papers

Do you know "Washi" ?? Literally, it means "Japanese Paper". Find out its versatility!

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