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5 Occasions Japanese Ladies Wear Kimono

Actually there are not many occasions to wear kimono for Japanese people these days. But still, people wear kimono on right occasions. Let's check when Japanese people wear kimono.

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What Do They Do On Their Wedding Ceremony?

It's a great experience to attend a Western-style wedding ceremony in Japan. Invited guests often have to confirm about their attendance and well prepare to the event.

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The "Opposite" Trend Of Japanese Wedding Scene

Wedding is a special event for many people, and it often reflects some aspects of the culture. In Japan, there are some unbelievable wedding cultures; one of them is, so to speak, "de-wedding".

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3 Taboos In The Japanese Wedding

A ceremony like wedding requires some courtesy and etiquette, and courtesy and etiquette vary from country to country. Of course, there is such etiquette in Japan, but some of them can sound strange for you.

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The History And Present Of Japanese Wedding

What is wedding for you? Is it the goal of your life or that of start? Many people think about this tradition in many ways, but there are some tendencies among countries. What is Japanese wedding tradition like? Check out.

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An Awkward Moment Of Japanese Wedding

Imagine that you have some Japanese friends and they are going to be married. They are planning a party to celebrate the marriage and invite you to come. What a nice day! Yes, what a nice day to spend much money. In Japan, this kind of invitations is sometimes bothersome. Why? What a heartless people! Let me explain.

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Women's Kimono In Modern Japan

Kimono is the traditional clothing from Japan. Although people don't wear kimonos or other traditional clothing nearly as much as they used to, it is still an inseparable part of Japan. Do you know that there are many types of Kimono in Japan? Find out more about the popular ones here!

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