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Sakura! 桜! さくら!

In Japan, Spring is about Cherry blossoms! I will introduce the beautiful landscape of cherry blossoms.

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5 Things To Do In Ueno - Tokyo Master

Although Ueno is a very famous sakura tree spot in Spring, there are a lot of tourist attractions you can enjoy in all seasons. One of the must-visit city in Tokyo!

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3 Reasons Why Japanese People Look Happy In Spring

If you have lived in Japan, you might have noticed seasons affect people's mood somehow. Spring is the season of happiness for Japanese people. People are more open-minded, motivated, and lively.

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5 Japanese Foods You Should Eat In Spring

The spring is coming, and it is time to enjoy those delicious Japanese spring-exclusive dishes. Here are 5 delicious Japanese dishes you should definitely eat in spring.

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3 Best Cherry Blossoms Outside Of Tokyo

Now that the blossom season is approaching near in Japan, you may think it’s the best season coming soon in the country. The cherry trees or sakura are everywhere in Japan and you can enjoy sakura everywhere you go (seriously). All of them are beautiful but These three are simply gorgeous and stunningly beautiful.

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Why You Should Visit Japan During Spring: Cherry Blossoms

Every tourist wishes to come to Japan to observe its symbolic flower, Sakura.

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5 Familiar Sights In Spring In Japan

The warm and friendly atmosphere of spring is perfectly ideal for family and friends gathering.

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5 Best Sakura Viewing Spot In Tokyo

It's almost spring, and we know you are waiting for the Sakura to bloom! You can see sakura pretty much everywhere in Japan, but this article is a must read for you guys who are planning to get the best for your sakura viewing activity in Tokyo this year!

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Hanami: The Flower Viewing That Best Way To Enjoy Spring In Japan

Would you like to join in the Hanami, one of the biggest and most beautiful festivals in the land of festivals?

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Japanese Love To Eat Cherry Blossoms:SAKURA

Every spring, cherry blossoms called "sakura"(桜) enchants people with its beautiful and lovely looking. Many people enjoy picnic under the cherry trees in Japan. However, viewing is not the only way to enjoy cherry blossoms. Japanese have loved them by eating!

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