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Tokusatsu muses- Princess Jesebel

Princess Jesebel was kidnapped on her home planet along with her twin sister by space pirates Mad Machine to be sacrificed in a diabolical ritual led by the wizard Podroquiçoide, but Gunstorm intervened and saved one of the sisters who became cosmic patroller and the other was created by Shinpai As his daughter to be the second of the Madmachine hierarchy. She learned the arts hidden by Podroquiçoide herself, so much so that she even surpassed in power, but she does not know that she was almost sacrificed by her master and even that she has a sister. She is dedicated and does everything her foster parent says. She is a ruthless enemy.

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Tokusatsu muses -Gun Lady

Gun Lady was trained by Gun Storma to cybernetic cosmic patrol to be a spy and collect enemy information. First female officer to enter for galactic police. She is a highly skilled spy who provides essential information from the enemy. Its main function is to track down the enemy base and provide every useful database for the cosmic patrol. All the patrollers are trained in martial arts and are experts in computers and high technology weapons, she is a master in the disguises. She can also infiltrate the enemy base without their realizing it.

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Tokusatsu Rescuing an abductee

Our hero now must save a citizen who has just been kidnapped. Beings from another planet have sinister plans for our planet. Can XD fight this new threat? Do not miss the third rescue robot episode XD. "Rescuing an abductee."

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Watch Now Cyberbio Tokusatsu

O vídeo Tokusatsu cyberbio 2 A procura dos discos Mekanimal vídeo 1 é uma produção da hero factory Brazil- Sinopse A terra é invadida por alienígenas piratas chamados Bad Machine. Para impedi-los a Patrulha Cósmica vem a terra e coloca dois patrulheiros : Guncyber e Karatcha sob o comando do capitão Gun Storm. Projeto Cyberbio primeira parte do segundo epsódio do grupo HEROFACTORY. Mais detalhes no site The Earth is invaded by aliens called pirates Bad Machine. To stop them the Cosmic Patrol comes to earth and puts two patrolmen: Guncyber Karatcha and under the command of Captain Gun Storm. Project Cyberbio first part of the second group epsódio HEROFACTORY. More details at

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Tokusatsu Cosmic Patrol Adventure Game

GUNRANGER V 1.0 is a game developed by Hero Factory Brazil, with the theme of the Cyberbio Cosmic Patrol. In this game Guncyber is sent to the home planet of Prodroxoide, spatial wizard and servant of Shimpai. The game took seven months to get ready. Irlayne Silveira was responsible for the designer and script of the game. In the future a new game in the series will be available.

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Tokusatsu theme game available online at Hero Factory Brasil

Have fun with this exciting ship game with the theme of tokusatsu

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Tokusatsu Hero Factory - Who is Rescue Robot xd ?

XD Rescue Robot", a source of great satisfaction for us to give the tip initial foot in the adventures of the surveillance robot, character Irlayne Silveira, who always appeared in some vignettes of our other productions and became known in anime events of the round back, soft bar and Resende since 2007, where he made his first appearance in public in the last edition of the anime craze in round-rj Volta. CREATION OF CHARACTER XD was born in anime event

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Tokusatsu- Rescue Robot XD episode 9 -Resatting the Planet -The Final Battle

The video Tokusatsu- Rescue Robot XD episode 9 -Resating the Planet -The Final Battle Part. Is a production of Hero Factory Brazil .http: // Swine Samurai meditates to remember the location of the secret base of the revolted robots, upon discovering it is attacked by the DEL general who Almost brings it to destruction. XD saves his friend, General DEL removes his mask and reveals to be DX, the evil shadow of XD, starts if the Last battle

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Tokusatsu Rescue Robot XD Ep 7 -The revolt of the robots of the future

The terrorist organization of the robots revolt sends a robot warrior with a terrible plan. Destroying the main bridge of the city secretly and rebuilding after, making him go through a well taskmaster. The XD rescue robot now has to unmask this diabolical plot, but his reputation may be jeopardized. link youtube

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Tokusatsu fans from other countries make their own productions

Tokusatsu fans from other countries make their own productions Tokusatsu film is a Japanese style that translating means "special effects movies." He was born when Japan began receiving influences culture out as American heroes such as Superman, Captain America and others. To combat this invasion Japan created several heroes to fight the invasion of heroes of other cultures. But it was in the 70s that the tokusatsu invaded like other countries such as Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, France and Brazil. Rescue Force - Australia When we think of tokusatsus soon comes the idea that only Japan is capable of producing them, but not really what I'm saying this is a project that planned to launch a tokusatsu on Australian TV, that by mid-2008. A site came to stay in the air and had an interest in raising investments for producing the same. Today the project does not exist, there are so many information about the project since it no longer exists. Although the project is Australian he has the support of BOS, which is a stunt team specializes in tokusatsus, to get an idea see the link below to tokusatsus list of which they participated (this link is also possible to see the members of the BOS). Brazil : Cyberbio Cyberbio is a production of Hero factory Brazil and took nine months to produce. Although with few resources Cyberbio won fans , priciplamente in Indonesian and Filipino . Currently they are producing Rescue Robot XD see some of his films below: Insector sun The Insector Sun Series Web the first official Brazilian tokusatsu was born based on comic books and was a creation of audio visual producer and martial arts teacher Chris Lee (Christiano) which he founded in 1999 to KRI ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS taking the magic of the universe of super national heroes for everyone. The story of Insector Sun and other heroes created by them, began in the city of Ribeirao Preto in 1996 weekend, when Christiano and friends were playing at home with a video camera and had the idea for a movie. "The Fury of the Dragon Round", the first film of the group, brought together some special effects like sound reproductions of punches and kicks. The film was the first step towards the emergence of new characters, adventures and dangers to Ribeirao City, a name that the municipality gains in the movies. Born the hero Insector Sun was played by Christiano (Chris Lee). In 2000 was given start production of the episodes of Insector Sun in audio visual format to 1st season has 12 episodes and in his 2nd season it is expected to launch another 12 episodes. Idonesia Spheres an Indonesian tokusatsu movie that was created and designed by Jeffry & Friends Actually made only to the final course in Visual Communication Design PETRA Christian University Surabaya in 2004.. but somehow this may continue until now .. click our page on / Spheres sebuah film tokusatsu indonesia yang diciptakan dan di desain oleh Jeffry... yang dibuat sebetulnya hanya untuk tugas akhir kuliah di Desain Komunikasi Visual UK PETRA Surabaya pada tahun 2004...namun entah kenapa bisa berlanjut hingga sekarang ini.. klik

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