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5 Things To Do In Tottori, Japan

Tottori is a perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy their moments with the beauty of nature.

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Find Your Wabi-Sabi In Japan

Wabi sabi is integral to the Japanese way of life and refers to the transcience of beauty, which is particularly apt for a country blessed with four lively seasons.

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3 Curious Cases Of Anime Inspiring Real Life

Let‘s look at 3 cases where anime were used as an inspiration for real events.

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The Beautiful Coast of San‘in – Uradome Coast

The Beautiful Coast of San'in – Uradome Coast! That coast is a part of San'in geo park. San'in geo park is a across three prefecture. That area is a larger than Tokyo. There are various geography and geology. You can meet local peoples lifestyle, animal biology, culture and history.

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