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TSUNAGU: New Product Line Of Luxury Pocketbook Type iPhone Cases

Phonet, a company which operates businesses in various fields as it is operating cell phone sales offices in Kofu City, Yamanashi, has started to sell “TSUNAGU”, a special product line of luxury pocketbook type iPhone cases.

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4 Clever Japanese Gifts For Anyone Who’s Constantly On Their Phone

The phrase, "Where are you now?", is relatively recently-born, because it must be their home before it became common to have a mobile phone. Now, many people love their phone so much that it is good to think about such gifts for them as a present. Here are Japanese recommendations.

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3 Reasons Why Japanese People Don't Talk On The Phone In A Train

In Japan, there is a manner not to talk on the phone in public transports. If you are wondering for the reason, let’s know more about them then.

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