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Kanten: Essential Ingredients In The Summer Of Japan

Kanten (Japan agar) is a food invented in Japan. Boil the seaweed and freeze it, then dry it to make it. Its manufacturing method was invented in the Edo period.

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3 Typical But Perfect Japanese Snacks With Beer

Japanese is well known for their izakaya where beer is served along with various delicious snacks.

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The Incredibly Skillful Candy Crafting Arts

Kintaro ame(金太郎飴) is the one of the most popular Japanese candy crafts. It is easy to bring and distribute, so the candy is a highly recommended souvenir.

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4 Best Chocolates You Should Buy From Japan

Are you a chocoholic? I also love chocolate, and I keep wondering what kind of chocolate that Japan has. While English seem quite fond of Cadbury’s, Americans prefer Hershey’s, how about Japan? Let’s know more about it then!

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4 Japanese Rice Snacks You Should Try

Rice is part of life for Japanese people. It can be used in so many ways: eaten as a staple, used to make sake, and also for snacks! Here are four kinds of snacks made from rice.

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Delightful Japanese Winter Sweets: Mochi Ice Cream

December's coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and colder, and New Year is just days away...which is a perfect excuse to eat more sweet soft mochi to keep us warm in the winter days! Brighten your days with these mochi themed fusion Japanese sweets!

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Pocky: One Of The Most Popular Snack In Japan

Pocky is one of the most favorite snacks not only in Japan but also over the world. Probably the name is different, though. Have you seen it?

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A Japanese Snack Company Is Going To Start Selling Cola Flavored Potato Chips

Calbee are going to start selling a new "Potato Chips" with "Cola flavor".

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Onigiri, The Original Picnic Snack

You are going picnic instead of the usual sandwich try packing some Onigiri with you and see how fun you can have with something a little different.

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Have You Ever Tried Taiyaki? Split And See What's Inside!

Taiyaki is one of the most well known street snacks in Japan. It is made in fish-shape, filled with azuki sweet red bean paste inside the cake.

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