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Looking For Jobs In Japanese Companies? PASONA Is Jobs Search, Career Change & Recruitment In Thailand [PR]

Now, many jobs and positions are opening in Thailand. Variety of positions such as sales, admin, HR, Japanese coordinator, engineer and manager for you. Check our article and register now!

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Comparison Of Work Situations Among 5 Asian Countries [PR]

Let's take a look at work situations of five asian countries. Here we picked up Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. Where do you want to work from these choices?

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5 Finance Jobs In Bangkok, Thailand [PR]

If you are looking for finance job in Bangkok, Thailand, you should check this article! We have 5 finance jobs in Bangkok, Thailand.

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3 Uncommon Unique Jobs You Can Get In Japan

It is difficult to find the perfect job for oneself; many people are struggling for it, while some compromise to some extent. But before giving up, how about checking Japanese unique work?

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