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Oshima Tsumugi : Luxury Silk Fabric Bred In Amami Oshima

Do you know Oshima Tsumugi? It is a fabric that is known worldwide as one of the world's three largest fabrics alongside the French gobelins and Persian carpets.

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Yukata: Comfortable And Lovely Designed Summer Kimono

Have you ever worn yukata before? It will be a good experience to wear the casual summer kimono for both men and women. Unlike kimono, yukata is easier and lighter to wear. Here is what it's about.

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5 Occasions Japanese Ladies Wear Kimono

Actually there are not many occasions to wear kimono for Japanese people these days. But still, people wear kimono on right occasions. Let's check when Japanese people wear kimono.

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Kimono Is Not Only For Adults But Babies!

Not only adults, babies look cool and more adorable than ever in Japanese kimono as well!

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Why Don't You Try Kimono Rental When You Are In Japan

Have you worn kimono? I don't think you have unless you have visited Japan. Even for Japanese people, it's not common to wear kimono except for special events. If you want to try kimono, here is what you have to do!

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Festive Baby Kimono For Shinto Ritual

Have you seen Japanese kids are wearing Kimono? Japanese gods do not only bless adults but also babies and children as well.

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Netsuke: The Old Japanese Mobile Strap

Netsuke is a beautiful miniature sculpture existing since centuries ago in Japan. It's not so famous but actually there are many collectors of Netsuke in the world.

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Japanese Family Crest -Kamon-

Do you have a family crest? There are various motifs in Japan. It played an important role in civil war. Let's know about it.

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New Era Of Japanese Ultra Comfortable Underwear Fundoshi

Say bye to the old fashioned, traditional Fundoshi, say hi to Fundoshi x Kimono Fusion!

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3 Uncommon Unique Jobs You Can Get In Japan

It is difficult to find the perfect job for oneself; many people are struggling for it, while some compromise to some extent. But before giving up, how about checking Japanese unique work?

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