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3 Great Places To Enjoy Autumn In Hokkaido

As Japan's largest prefecture, Hokkaido showcases some of the most spectacular sceneries during autumn. Dazzling with vivid hues of red, orange and yellow, these 3 places are surely worth visiting!

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3 Best Autumn Festivals In Japan

Autumn is a magical time in Japan, with the whole country turning into a visual spectacle of autumn colors. The festivals are equally eye-popping, with the natives celebrating bountiful harvests and long-cherished customs.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Japan

Do you want to fully enjoy autumn in Japan? Here are 5 ways Japanese do in this season.

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The Beautiful Avenue Of Meiji-Jingu-Gaien In Tokyo

Streets, gardens, forests full of yellow-colored autumn leaves in Tokyo have attracted tourists from around the world for years. One of the most well known autumn spots is Meiji Jingu Gaien.

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Autumnal Hiking In The World Of Irotoridori (multi-colored) Leaves: Adatara-Yama In Fukushima

Irotoridori Adatara-yama colored by autumnal leaves was so graceful and powerful.

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11 Japanese Food You Should Eat in Autumn

According to Japanese wisdom and tradition, there are three things you must do every fall to stay in good health: exercise, read and eat! Exercising and reading prime your body and mind for the winter. And with seasonal fish, freshly harvested rice and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables all available in fall, there is no better time of year to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Although it's almost winter but you can feel fall in some of places in Japan.

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Unbelievable Art Works Exhibited On The Rice Fields In Japan

Can you believe that the picture isn't something painted. It's just a rice field in Japan. Let's check how it's made and more works.

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Japanese Moon Festival Is Coming On September 27th

Japanese Moon Festival called "Otsukimi". It means "Viewing the moon". Japanese people enjoy the moon as a seasonal festival. There has been a tradition in Japan since ancient times. If you're coming to Japan for business or leisure in this season, here is a good chance to experience Japanese traditional culture.

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5 Breathtaking Places Of Autumn Leaves That Will Inspire You To Go To Kyoto

In Japan, there are signs of Autumn! Here are 5 of the most breathtaking places of Autumn leaves in Kyoto you'll ever see.

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Places where you can enjoy autumn leaves in Tokyo

Japanese autumn is all about the autumn leaves. It is as if the fields and mountains are painted red and yellow, and the Japanese saying: kinshu, or autumn as beautiful as brocade, is perfectly fitting for such beautifully painted mountains. Because the period can be enjoyed for longer than cherry blossoms, it is easy to make travel plans, which is great. Here are some places that you can see the autumn leaves around the capital, while sightseeing around Tokyo.

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