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Komakusa : Queen Of Alpine Plants

On Mt. Shirane, you can enjoy alpine plants Komakusa(Dicentra peregrina) until the end of August. Shirane is in Kusatsu-machi, Gunma prefecture. Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan's three top hot springs. You can enjoy mountain climbing and hot springs.

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Dewa Sanzan : The Heart Of The Japanese Mind

Dewa Sanzan, refers to Hagurosan, Gassan, Yudonosan. It is a major mountain that divides "Dewanokuni (current Yamagata / Akita)" between east and west. It is a popular place as a sightseeing spot and place of mountain worship. Even now, many examinees and worshipers visit.

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Four Seasons In A Japanese Beautiful Mountain

August 11 is a public holiday: Mountain Day. It is the new Japanese holiday which has started in 2016. A mountain in which season would you like to climb?

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5 Things To Do In Yamagata

The mountainous Yamagata prefecture will satisfy all mountain and skiing lovers!Yamagata is one of the Tohoku areas where the mountains like Zao and Mt. Chokaisan stand beautifully. Here are 5 things to do in the mountain wonderland of Yamagata prefecture.

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5 Things To Do In Gunma, Japan

Gunma is easily accessible from Tokyo by train, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape of mountains as well as deep forests. Here are 5 things to do in Gunma.

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10 Most Beautiful Mountains In Japan

Even if you are not a mountaineer, you can enjoy the beauty of mountains. They are the mirror of four seasons, and full of the natural creatures. Let's see some mountains in Japan.

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7 Life-Changing Places Where You Will Become Inspired In Japan

Going somewhere you've never visited before can show you many differences from something of your home country and it may change your way of thinking. In Japan, there are some "Life-Changing places" you should visit if you wish to become inspired.

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Great View Of New Year's Sunrise At The Top Of Mt. Takachiho!

Reaching the summit before the sunrise was very impressive.

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Mt. Takao: The Nearest Hiking Mountain In Tokyo

You may be surprised if you know there’s a mountain with full of nature in Tokyo. The mountain is called, Mt. Takao.

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5 Tips To Enjoy Low Mountain Hikes In Japan

Let's try the hike routes trailing along the low hills not higher than 1,000 feet in elevation in Japan. When you talk about hiking in Japan, climbing Mount Fuji may come to your mind. Actually you don't have to climb the highest mountain in Japan to enjoy walking in the woods. For starters, let's try the hike routes trailing along the low hills not higher than 1,000 feet in elevation. Followings are the tips by taking the example of the hill hike starting from Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka.

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