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8 Not Well-known But Definitely Stunning Places In Japan

Japan has a lot of beautiful nature in its small land. However, even Japanese people don't realize much about it. Here are the eight amazing places to fully enjoy the beauty of Japan.

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Four Seasons In A Japanese Beautiful Mountain

August 11 is a public holiday: Mountain Day. It is the new Japanese holiday which has started in 2016. A mountain in which season would you like to climb?

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5 Most Impressive Blue Lakes In Japan

What do you associate with what is blue in the nature? Many people would answer sky or sea, but in Japan, a much "bluer (not blur)" thing of nature exists: Lakes.

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5 Beauty Benefits Matcha Gives You

Japanese green tea, called "matcha", is very popular among tourists in Japan. However, did you know that matcha has a lot of healthy effects? It contains many substances that are beneficial to your body and your beauty.

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3 Best Beautiful Hydrangea Viewing Spots Around Tokyo

In the rainy season, June in Japan, you can see lots of beautiful hydrangeas blooming everywhere. In June, it’s usually raining almost everyday, but the flowers are just beautiful enough to cheer up our dull mind. There’s even Hydrangea Viewing Festival in Japan, and here’s some examples.

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Beautiful Japanese Carp Called KOI 鯉

If you are asked “What kind of Japanese fish do you know?”, what will you think at first? For me, I will think about “Koi” 鯉(コイ)or known as Japanese carp.

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Hakone: One Of The Most Popular Destinations From Tokyo

Tired from daily hassles and want to take a small vacation? Here is a good example, Hakone (箱根). You'll enjoy beautiful nature, art museum, awesome hotels, cafes, spas...etc. Diffidently worth visiting!!

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ORIGAMI: The Art of Beautiful Paper Folding

There are many types of art in Japan. One of the most well-known is ORIGAMI 折り紙. You can make crane, ninja star, container...etc. Fold your way to happiness!!

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What is Japanese Floral Arrangement "Ikebana"?

In many cultures flower arranging is something to be executed symmetrically. The Japanese way, on the other hand, is quite different. Welcome to Ikebana 生花 101!

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Collecting Japanese Seal Stamps of Shrine makes your Visit Memorable

Do you know that Japanese shrines and temples give you the red seal stamps? We call them "Gosyuin". Each of Gosyuins are distinct and different. If you have plan to visit a shrine or temple, get a Gosyuin for your memory in Japan.

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