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Valentine's Revenge – White Day!

Valentine's Day is when girls give gifts to boys. But when do boys give gifts to girls?

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Try The Love Train In Japan!

Love train is here to celebrate Valentine and White day! Available for limited time, they are here to warm up your commuter in Japan!

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Japanese Exclusive Treat: Strawberry Matcha Chocolate

Combining the sweet and juicy strawberry and the original green tea from the best maker in Japan, introducing to you an alternative gift of your typical chocolate perfect for Valentine Day!

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How Japanese Celebrate Valentine's Day

What are the difference of Valentine Day's celebration with the rest of the world? Find out here!

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A Special Day For Girls, Valentine’s Day In Japan

In the western culture, on Valentine’s day, men treat girls romantically with a surprise gift. However, in Japan, the concept is totally the opposite. Girls give a special kind of chocolate to boys.

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Japan's Wacky Food Inventions For Valentine's Day

We know many tasty and aesthetically beautiful food has been born from the hands of those creative Japanese people, but what about combining chocolate with everyday savory foods..?

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Sanrio x GODIVA Collaboration for the Upcoming Valentine 2016!

For celebrating 2016 Valentine Day, a special collaboration of the Chocolatier GODIVA and Sanrio's most phenomenal characters 'Hello Kitty' and 'My Melody' has been announced! Read for more info!

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5 Word You Can Use To Describe Falling In Love In Japanese!

I want to give you guys new Japanese vocabulary to describe your feelings when you fall in love. Must be helpful!

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