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Sazae San Syndrome: Japanese Version Of Blue Monday

Sazae San is a Japanese popular anime that is usually aired in the Sunday evening. Sazae San itself is a family comedy. But why does the anime makes the viewer in a blue mode? Here's why!

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Things Go Like This If You Were A Typical Japanese College Student

Do you know what Japanese college students do through their college life? It might be very different from what you think. Let's see how the things go if you were a typical student in Japan.

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All About Hanko (And Why You Need One)

Hanko is an indispensable belonging to every Japanese person, and also any foreigner planning to live there.

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Open Up! Breaking of Mochi: Kagami Biraki

On January 11th, in Japan, there is annual traditional event called “Kagami Biraki”, which is to break a special Mochi (rice cakes) placed to celebrate for New Year’s holidays.

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3 Lucky Charms In Japan You May Have Seen

Do you have some lucky charms at your home? There are different symbols and meaning for each lucky charm in Japan. Most of these beliefs are inherited from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese religions. So, let’s know more about those lucky charms with their meanings!

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"Goukon" - Group Dating In Japan

Do you ever know about “Goukon”, or known as group dating in Japan?

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Hatsumode 初詣: First Shrine Visit For A New Year

Japanese will visit the shrine for the first time in that New Year. They usually say it as “Hatsumoude” in Japanese.

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Japanese Big Cleaning Ritual Before Coming New Year

Different with other countries, Japan has their own unique ritual, cleaning at New Year’s Eve. It's called O-souji 大掃除.

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How To Protect Yourself When Earthquakes Happen While You're In Japan

Japan is the land of earthquakes. You might know about the big earthquake that happened in 2011, Tohoku. You cannot avoid earthquakes, but you CAN protect yourself. Let's learn how to stay safe during this natural disaster!

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Are Japanese Businessmen The Busiest People In The World!?

We will introduce one impressive video depicting a businessman's life in Tokyo.

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