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5 Common American Practices You Should Avoid In Japan

Different societies and cultures necessitate our consideration not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings. By following these five guidelines you will avoid difficulties and you will be perceived as a respected traveler in Japan.

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4 Cultural Differences Between The US And Japan

2 of the biggest countries in the world, yet differ from each other in so many ways.

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3 Differences Between US And Japanese McDonalds

In spite of being a US company, McDonalds is so global that Japanese people cannot exclude this wonderful chainstore in their country.

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7 Point Guide To History Of Japanese Food Culture

Japanese cuisine culture is a mixture of both national traditions and international values.

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A 3-Pronged Attack In How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded America

Japanese pop culture is entertainment that is wacky, offbeat and even psychedelic. Hence, it is well received in America, a society that values individuality and innovation. Here are 3 ways in which America has taken to Japanese pop culture.

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3 Ways That Japanese Food Culture Influences America

After World War II, the Americans came to Japan to set up military bases, introducing new foods like the Sasebo burger in the process. But this influence isn't a one-way street as Japanese food culture is also picked up by discerning Americans and popularized in America. Here are 3 ways how it influences America:

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Japanese Food In Japan VS. Japanese Food In The U.S.

Is it really authentic Japanese food that you are eating? I spent last year studying abroad in California and there was one thing that surprised me. There was so much Americanized Japanese food in America!

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