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A Beautiful Japanese Garden In Tokyo "Yamamoto-tei"

Tokyo’s Yamamoto-tei has been ranked in the top three gardens in Japan by renowned Japanese garden specialty magazine, Sukiya Living. It's garden comprises a lush arrangement of shrubs and trees, a pond, and a waterfall to the back of the garden, the sound of which provides a sense of depth.

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"Foodion" A Social Networking App For Culinary Professionals

Foodion, a breakthrough social networking app for cooks, chefs, waiters, sommelier, and future culinary professionals!

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A Three-Hour ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ Now Available In Tokyo

A compact program that you can experience a Japanese traditional martial art in Tokyo. The ‘SAMURAI TRIP’ service, provides foreign travelers an opportunity in Tokyo to easily experience Kendo, a part of traditional Samurai culture.

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Too Cute to Eat! Daikon Oroshi Art Gone Viral in Japan

Japanese are experts when it comes to making food look adorable!

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5 Movies Out Of Japanese Books/Manga You Don't Want To Miss This Year

Movies always tell you something important about the life, and if not, it at least entertains you. This year, 2016, will see many Japanese movies out of books, and here are some "un-miss-able" ones.

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Known For Practicing The New Cultural Trend “Parkour”!

Parkour is a new cultural trend which pushes and draws out one's physical ability, putting into practice. MASARU (VIX), an active practitioner of parkour, has started his own YouTube channel.

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Japan's Trend: Renovations For Single Man

FIDO corporation has newly established "Do Renovation", a condominium renovation business designed for single-person households.

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Trendy Hash Tag In Japan #boasting fluffy stuff at home

On Twitter, #我が家のモフモフ自慢大会 is hot. It means "boasting fluffy stuff at home". As you can imagine, people who have fluffy pets are boasting their fluffy stuff. Let's see how fluffy they are!

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Best Fridge Ever! Actual Size Remote Control R2-D2 Fridge

Haier Asia announced on November 29th that, as part of their Star Wars merchandise line; they will be releasing a 1:1 Remote Control R2-D2 Moving Fridge!

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Tokyo Disneyland Started Selling Star Wars Goods...Even a R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket

Tokyo Disneyland started selling 17 new goods related to the Star Wars series on December 1st. The sale coincides with the release of the latest movie in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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