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3 Best Japanese Toppings To Make Plain Rice Miraculously Delicious

You know how the rice tastes like, right? It tastes slightly sweet, yet basically it doesn't have any taste. The Japanese eat rice with some toppings like Furikake, Pickles, and Seaweed.

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Shiso: The Japanese Savory And Flavory Herb

Shiso or Perilla leaf is a culinary herb widely used in many of Japanese dishes. Have you ever seen it? In fact, shiso contains lots of nutrition and so healthy. Here is what it is about!

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3 Best Japanese Pickles You Want To Enjoy In Hot Summer

Japanese people love to eat Japanese pickles called "Otsukemono." The summer vegetables taste great during the season. Here is the 3 best pickels you might want to enjoy during the summer.

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Umeboshi, Japanese Sour Plum Pickles

Umeboshi is very common in Japanese dishes.

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Benefits Form Umeboshi That Is Essential For Washoku

Umeboshi is very common is Japanese dishes. Its benefits are numerous.

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4 Japanese Ways To Cure Hangover

Have to go to nomikai with your pals or parties? How to cure its hangover then? Here are some ways that Japanese people love to do to cure their hangovers!

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