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5 Things To Enjoy Winter In Japan

How Japanese people enjoy and endure the coldness of winter in Japan?

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5 Things That Make Your Summer Unforgettable In Japan

The hot and sweaty summertime is when we can enjoy festivals and beaches to the fullest. How to spend summer in Japan?

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5 Familiar Sights In Spring In Japan

The warm and friendly atmosphere of spring is perfectly ideal for family and friends gathering.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Japan

Do you want to fully enjoy autumn in Japan? Here are 5 ways Japanese do in this season.

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Great View Of New Year's Sunrise At The Top Of Mt. Takachiho!

Reaching the summit before the sunrise was very impressive.

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A DAY OUT! Norrona x Hokkaido

The back country movie of Hokkaido is introduced from the outdoor brand Norrona from Norway.

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5 Breathtaking Bungee Jumping Destinations In Japan

Have you ever tried bungee jumping? If you haven't, or even if you have, you should try it in Japan. Japan has spectacular places to go bungee jumping. Each place has great nature. Even if you don't try, it's fun to watch people jumping!

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The Biggest Adventure Forest In Japan "Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA"

In the mountain forest of the Shizuhara area of Ikeda-cho, Fukui Prefecture, Japan's biggest adventure forest "Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA" will open from late April 2016.

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Autumnal Hiking In The World Of Irotoridori (multi-colored) Leaves: Adatara-Yama In Fukushima

Irotoridori Adatara-yama colored by autumnal leaves was so graceful and powerful.

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Camping indoors in Tokyo Base Camp Guest House!

Tourism Creation Lab. LLC. starts offering accommodation "Tokyo Base Camp Guest House" ,which is a simple accommodation service that allows guests to go camping indoors.

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