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5 Things To Do In Mie

There is one of the most important shrine called "Ise Shrine 伊勢神宮" in Mie. Also Mie is a hometown of Iga-ryu Ninja 伊賀流忍者. You will be able to learn the history of Ninja.

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"BIGLOBE NINJA SIM" For Visitors to Japan

"BIGLOBE NINJA SIM" is a sim card exclusively for private data communication geared towards foreigners visiting Japan.

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5 Ridiculous Videos Of Japanese High School Girls

In Japan, high school girls have a certain value to adults. They are often seen in TV shows, movies, or ads in somewhat strange ways. Check out these crazy videos of Japanese H.S. girls!

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4 Interesting Secrets About Japanese Castles Even Japanese Don't Really Know

If you want to learn some interesting stuff about Japanese castles, I highly recommend you get a guided tour when you visit one. Here are 4 big secrets about Japanese Castles, which not many people know. Not all the castles are like this, but mostly.

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Experience Japan: Be-a-Ninja Trip!

Once in a lifetime experience of being a ninja, even for a day? Let's plan it for your next trip to Japan!

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Ninja vs Samurai: Which One Is Stronger?

Ninja and samurai. Both are very popular Japanese culture. If ninja and samurai fight each other, which will win? This is a really controversial topic.

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Why Do We Get So Attracted To Katana

Katana is Japanese swords as you may know. It's well-known in all the world because it's so cool! Here we wrote about the history and types of katana. You would find more attraction after reading.

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Amazing Japanese Culture Experiences in Tokyo

What would you like to do if you have a chance to come or stay in Japan? We listed some ideas which you can't experience in other countries. They won't let you down!!

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