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3 Most Loved Japanese Kanji By Foreigners

Kanji seems to be difficult at first. But once you are accustomed to it, you find it simply beautiful!

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Valentine's Revenge – White Day!

Valentine's Day is when girls give gifts to boys. But when do boys give gifts to girls?

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What Is "White Day"...??

Japan has one of the most unique habit of celebrating Valentine's day!

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Try The Love Train In Japan!

Love train is here to celebrate Valentine and White day! Available for limited time, they are here to warm up your commuter in Japan!

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Japanese Terms Of Endearment/Pet Names

How do Japanese calls their significant other? Do they use terms such as babe, sweetie, darling, etc? What if I have a Japanese lover? Read to find out more!

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5 Word You Can Use To Describe Falling In Love In Japanese!

I want to give you guys new Japanese vocabulary to describe your feelings when you fall in love. Must be helpful!

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"Goukon" - Group Dating In Japan

Do you ever know about “Goukon”, or known as group dating in Japan?

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Do Japanese Kiss At The First Date?

Do not wait until you get slapped by your date to figure this out!

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Seasons Of Love For Japanese Youth

For you guys who want to have a Japanese lover, assist yourself with the know-hows of the season of love to get ahead of the competition! Might as well aim for the upcoming Valentine's Day!

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Let's Analyze The Trends Of Cats In Japan's Case

Cats are being a social trend in the world. Many people share and upload cats movies and pictures. Japan is not an exception. Let's think why people are crazy about cats in Japanese way.

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