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School Building Will Be Reborn

In Japan, the declining birthrate and the aging population are proceeding. As the number of children has decreased, schools have been integrated, and the number of school buildings that are no longer being used has increased. And now, attempts to reuse school buildings that are no longer used as schools are being promoted in various places.

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Tokyo YMCA International School Introduces Grade 7 Class From August 2016

In addition to the current elementary program, Tokyo YMCA International School will add Grade 7 from this August and Grade 8 from next summer.

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Sotsugyoshiki: The Biggest Event For Studens In Japan

Graduation ceremony is a moment that every Japanese treasures most in their lives.

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Why Do Japanese Students Clean Their School?

Schools in most first-world countries usually hire janitors, people who clean the hallways, toilet, and windows during and after the school hours. However, a lot of Japanese schools don’t hire janitors. As a result, the students double up as chore workers.

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"MORIUMIUS", A Facility For Children, Opened In Miyagi

Sweet treat 311, a supporting facility to provide experience education focusing on Miyagi prefecture Ishinomoki city Ogatsu-cho, has opened "MORIUMIUS”, a facility to provide experiences for children.

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How to Choose the Right Japanese Language School For You

When studying abroad, it's important to research the language school you want to enter before coming. However, it can be difficult or impossible for you to do a thorough research before really coming to Japan, so here are some tips and trick for choosing the language school!

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5 Events That Make Japanese Junior High School Life Memorable

You have probably watched one too many anime about school life in Japan and are wondering about the extent to which these anime are a reflection of reality. So read on to find out about the events that allow Japanese junior high school students to live life to the fullest.

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Let's Study in Japan: English Based University Courses Part 2

In this part, I will give you informations about English based courses outside Tokyo Area.

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11 Universities Which Have English Based Courses In Japan

Looking for English courses in Japanese Universities? Good news for you guys! I will give you information about English courses in Tokyo and its surrounding Area.

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Choices of Higher Education in Japan

I've personally seen a lot of interest of students around my age who are interested in getting their higher education in Japan, but are very confused with the education system in Japan, so this time I decided to give you an insight about studying abroad in Japan!

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