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Art Collective "The TEA-ROOM”, Which Creates a Future Tea Ceremony

The TEA-ROOM starts up on the 8th of August in 2016. This art collective consists of four artists: Souryou Matsumura (Japanese tea master), Fumihiko Sano (architect/ artist), Riyoo Kim (ceramist), and Shiho Sakamoto (Japanese confectionery artist).

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Hidaka Sports in the Severe Cold Event, Get Close to Nature in Hokkaido Summer Camp

Hidaka is located in the southern part of Hokkaido, most of the area is forest. Therefore, you can taste the air and water. Enjoy great outdoors!

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4 Special Foods For Traditional Holidays In Japan

In Japanese cuisine tradition, some foods are only to be enjoyed in specific events or traditions. Find what Japanese people love to eat during the holidays.

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Miyajima Oyster Festival

Seafood lovers just cannot miss these delicious oysters.

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5 Traditional Things Japanese People Do In March

Japanese people all enjoy March, as it is when lots of events and festivals are held.

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Try The Love Train In Japan!

Love train is here to celebrate Valentine and White day! Available for limited time, they are here to warm up your commuter in Japan!

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Uniqueness Of Valentine's Day: A Special Day For Girls In Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is the occasion when women express their love to the men by giving chocolate. In recent years, however, the chocolate has gained more meanings than just love. I will introduce some different types of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

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"Sweets Marathon In Tokyo" Run & Eat, Lose & Gain

International Sports Marketing will be holding a marathon under the name "Sweets Marathon in Tokyo" in the Tokyo Symbol Promenade Park running course on January 24th 2016 (Sun.)

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Lucky Sushi Roll, Ehou Maki!

Ehou Maki seems ordinary but it’s a lucky sushi roll that most of Japanese eats on February 3rd on Setsubun day. Let's know about it.

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Experience The World Of "Death Note" Through VR!

"Jump Festa 2016" was held in Makuhari Messe. Jump's heroes of Shueisha's magazines such as "Weekly Shonen Jump", "V jump" gathered in the event.

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