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Tempura : That Cooking Method Brings Out The Flavor Of The Raw Ingredients

Tempura Japanese people love! It is a simple dish just fried with eggs and flour cooking ingredients and fried in oil, but its taste is exceptional! Especially fried freshly delicious!

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How To Make Dashi In 5 Easy Steps

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) is the key to making Japanese food yummy as it brings out the umami of ingredients. Best of all, dashi can be made within an hour, so why not learn how to make it here?

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5 Global Restaurant Chains From Japan

Japanese cuisine is a multi-sensory treat - it looks pretty and packs a punch with its umami. No wonder many Japanese food chains have expanded overseas! Here are 5 tasty chains that have made it big:

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5 Best Dishes You Can Enjoy Miso

Miso, is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and a fungus called kōji, is becoming popular in the world. There are many ways to use Miso for dishes. Which one would you like to try?

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5 Things That All Japanese Food Lovers Will Definitely Understand

Japanese food is getting popular all over the world. If you are a Japanese food lover, you may find some keys or facts you definitely can understand. Here are 5 examples that Japanese food lovers will definitely understand.

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Multiple Ways To Use Japanese Herb, Shiso

Shiso is an important herb in Japan used not only in cooking but also in other various ways.

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Japanize Your Spaghetti With Eringi Mushroom!

When you combine your usual spaghetti with Eringi, what kind of dish will you get?

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Shabu-Shabu, Have Fun While You Dine!

Shabu-Shabu is all about with diners getting to cook their thinly sliced beef and other ingredients in a hot pot right at the table.

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One Of The Greatest Diet From Japan - Washoku

No matter whether you are male or female, being obese is a problem. It is not considered very fashionable, and above all, it can spoil your health and your lifestyle. In that case, you may well think, "I must go on a diet!"

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Tempura 天ぷら:The Friendly Japanese Food

Have you tried this deep fried food called Tempura 天ぷら? Japanese Tempura may just be the king of all deep fried food. Also Tempura is Japanese food newbies friendly food. You should try!!

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