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3 Things You Will Experience If You Travel In Japan By Car

Have you driven a car abroad? If not, Japan would be a good place to travel by car. There are some unique things you can experience Japanese culture only by driving.

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5 Beautiful Driveways You Should Go In Japan

Have you traveled by car when you are abroad? If you like driving, you have to drive in Japan! There are so many beautiful spots you should visit by car in Japan. It's easy to rent a car if you're worried about it.

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How To Travel In Japan By Rental Car In The Best Way

If you're thinking of visiting Japan sometime, you should consider renting a car, especially if you want to visit Hokkaido or Okinawa. Nowadays more and more tourists are using "Rental Car".

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Initial D the Movie & Kyosho Corporation Will Release Original Mini-cars, Including A Rare TOYOTA 86!

On January 19th, Kyosho Corporation is going to start selling original mini-cars of three popular models that appear on "New Initial D the Movie" and a TOYOTA 86, at Circle K Sunkus stores.

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Itasha(Anime Designed Vehicle) Is Serious About Winning Circuits

An itasha event reminds you of vehicles on display, but there exist events in which you can enjoy serious races. A popular one among them is "Shigehara de itasha," held by Shigehara Twin Circuit.

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Toyota's New Concept Design: A Transforming Robot Car

The vision creator, Mr. Shoji Kawamori has carried out a collaborative work with Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.

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5 Tips For Driving In Japan

Driving in a country you don't live in is so much fun! But every country has different traffic rules, and you should know them. In Japan, it might be very different from your country. Here are five tips for driving in Japan!

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Honda's Near-Future Personal Mobility "Wonder Walker” Debuted in Tokyo Motor Show

Honda unveiled "Wonder Walker" at Tokyo Motor Show 15.

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5 Museums You Can Experience Absolutely New Things In Japan

Museums are fun to visit, especially when you are traveling. There are so many attractive museums in Japan. Here are five very unique museums which not many Japanese people know.

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Tokyo Motor Show: The Biggest Motor Show in Japan

At the"44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015" in which public exhibition started on October 29th, at the end of November 2nd, the total number of visitors has already exceeded 300,000 people.

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