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Plum Tree Viewing

Plum blossoms are just as splendid as cherry blossoms.

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5 Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Japan

Do you want to fully enjoy autumn in Japan? Here are 5 ways Japanese do in this season.

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3 Flower Parks You Should Visit In Japan

Do you love to see some flowers on the park? If you love that kind of beauty, I recommend you to go to these gorgeous flower parks in Japan!

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Welcome To Tsukiji, The Fish Market In Tokyo

Tsukiji fish market is a place where all the delicious seafood is gathered from all over Japan. You can buy those fishes cheaper more than you expect and eat wonderful meals like Kaisendon!

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Let's Walk Around Asakusa: Most Popular Tourists Spot In Tokyo

There are lots of other places to visit and look around Asakusa area except Sensoji temple. Asakusa is usually seemed traditional and old city but Skytree and other new buildings are there also.

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Want To Take A Sightseeing Bus Tour In Japan?

Sightseeing bus tours for tourists are commonly used in most countries. However, not in Tokyo. This article will support your trip by giving you information about bus tour.

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Sakurajima: The Most Active Volcano in Japan

Do you know Sakurajima 桜島 in Kagoshima prefecture? Sakurajima is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Seems dangerous, but dangerously beautiful. Visit there when you travel Kyusyu area!!

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The Beautiful Coast of San‘in – Uradome Coast

The Beautiful Coast of San'in – Uradome Coast! That coast is a part of San'in geo park. San'in geo park is a across three prefecture. That area is a larger than Tokyo. There are various geography and geology. You can meet local peoples lifestyle, animal biology, culture and history.

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Rabbit Island Is Real In Japan That Has 700 Rabbits!!

Do you know there's an island in Japan, which has around 700 rabbits. The name of the island is Okunoshima, located in Hiroshima. The rabbits are not scared of poeple so, you can even touch them. (All photo by uta:

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