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Noumizo Falls : Awesome Waterfall And Yummy Foods

Chiba Prefecture is next to Tokyo, and until Waterfall it is a distance 2 - 3 hours from Tokyo by train or car. You can meet a awesome waterfall and delicious pizza!

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5 Places You Will Totally Get Amazed By The Autumn Colors In Japan

The season of beautifully colored leaves is coming in Japan. It depends on the place, but you can basically see the great views in many places from the middle of October to December.

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Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Japan: Why Foreign Tourists Visit There?

Where is the best place for tourists in Japan? If you are interested in visiting Japan, but didn't have any clue where to go, just read this article. It might give you some idea!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Go To Chiba In Japan

Most of the people around the World would know the city name Tokyo, the Capital of Japan. But how many of the people know the city name “Chiba”! My guess is probably less than 5% of them. Even though the city “Chiba” is not popular with tourists, still the city has many wonderful and popular places to visit!

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