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5 Tips Not To Be A Typical Foreign Traveler In Japan

When you travel abroad, you should know the culture of the country if you want to fit in the country well. In Japan, there are a lot of unique customs and unspoken rules which not many travelers know.

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4 Helpful Tips To Dress Up Your Ramen

There are many ways to boost up your ramen flavor, rather than enjoying it simply.

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4 Saving Money Tips While Eating In Japan

Eating in Japan is not really that expensive if you are able to grasp these tips for saving while still enjoying the foods to the utmost.

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5 Things You Have To Know If You Are Going To Make Business In Japan

Business manners sure are hard to grasp. And it is even harder to master in Japan.

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When In Japan, Do As The Japanese Do

Temporarily forget about your country to immerse yourself with the wonderful Japanese culture to the fullest.

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Primer For Train Etiquette

Riding on a train requires consideration more than you might think.

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Visiting Universal Cool Japan

Keep in mind some of these following phrases to help you enjoy this awesome event to the fullest.

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7 Troubles You Will Probably Get Into When You Are In Big Cities Of Japan

It's almost impossible to avoid all troubles when you travel, but you should expect what kind of troubles you may meet in the country you travel to. Here are 7 troubles you should watch out before visiting Japan.

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Japanese Beauty Trick On Becoming Kawaii!

It's almost unbelievable that there are so many cute girls in Japan! What is their secret? Find out more here!

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5 Must Learn Japanese Kanji You Will See A Lot In Restaurant Menus

Did you know that you can know what ways food is cooked by looking at their Kanji name in menus? It's a street smart trick you have to learn right now!

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