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Kanten: Essential Ingredients In The Summer Of Japan

Kanten (Japan agar) is a food invented in Japan. Boil the seaweed and freeze it, then dry it to make it. Its manufacturing method was invented in the Edo period.

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3 Most Popular Japanese Summer Sweets Which Make People Feel Cooler

Now that the hot summer has arrived in Japan, it's time to enjoy cold summer sweets. You may wonder what kind of Japanese summer sweets there are. Here are three most popular summer sweets you might want to try and enjoy.

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Japanese Exclusive Treat: Strawberry Matcha Chocolate

Combining the sweet and juicy strawberry and the original green tea from the best maker in Japan, introducing to you an alternative gift of your typical chocolate perfect for Valentine Day!

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Hello Kitty & My Melody Collaboration Gift With GODIVA For Valentine's Day

"GODIVA&Hello Kitty" and "GODIVA&My Melody" will be released by Sanrio.

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4 Sweets Which Are Perfect For Souvenir In Japan

When Japanese people travel around Japan, they usually buy sweets as souvenirs (“omiyage”) for family, friends and colleagues. Please check these delicious sweets!

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"Sweets Marathon In Tokyo" Run & Eat, Lose & Gain

International Sports Marketing will be holding a marathon under the name "Sweets Marathon in Tokyo" in the Tokyo Symbol Promenade Park running course on January 24th 2016 (Sun.)

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Weirdness Of Japan: Anime-Decorated Ramen Outside, Sweets Inside!

The TV series "Chibi Maruko-chan" celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. To commemorate this, the movie "Chibi Maruko-chan: A Boy from Italy" was released on December 23.

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Anmitsu: Check Out This Sweet Harmony Of Japanese Parfait

Have you ever heard of Anmitsu? It's a traditional Japanese parfait, made of agar jelly (kanten) with sweet azuki beans paste, gyuhi, and some fruits such as slices of tangerines, kiwi fruits, peaches, and cherries. It is liked from all ages. Try its sweet and fresh taste.

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Delightful Japanese Winter Sweets: Mochi Ice Cream

December's coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and colder, and New Year is just days away...which is a perfect excuse to eat more sweet soft mochi to keep us warm in the winter days! Brighten your days with these mochi themed fusion Japanese sweets!

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Mochi… Soft and Delicious Signature Food of Japan

Do you know Mochi? It's one of the signature foods of Japan. Know about "Mochi" a Rice Cake.

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