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5 Weird Japanese Ramen For Curious People

Japanese cuisine manifests creativity everywhere. And ramen is no exception.

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5 Weird Flavors Of Ice Cream In Japan

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream? Booorrrinnngg! Indulge yourself in these incredible flavors of ice cream.

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9 Japanese Customs You Might Find Very Weird

Japan is an isolated country surrounded by the ocean, and you might find some of the normal things Japanese do weird.

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6 Must-See Promotion Videos Of Local Cities

There are many unique videos of Japan on the Internet, but have you ever seen these local cities' videos? All of them are fascinating, interesting, and shocking!

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Don't Blow Your Nose With A Handkerchief In Japan

If I tell you that most Japanese people always have a handkerchief with them, do you think they all have runny nose? Of course not! Check this article and find out why they carry it everyday!

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No Worries, Pocket Tissues Aren't For Hard Selling

Have you ever come to Japan? If you have, you might have seen people distributing tissues by train stations or other public areas. Check this article to know about tissue-pack marketing!

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5 Very Unique Taste Of Soft Ice Cream In Japan

You may have already realized that Japan creates weird looking and tasting food. This time, it's soft serve ice cream!

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Uniqueness Of Valentine's Day: A Special Day For Girls In Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is the occasion when women express their love to the men by giving chocolate. In recent years, however, the chocolate has gained more meanings than just love. I will introduce some different types of chocolate for Valentine's Day.

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3 Weird Sodas Sold In Japan!

Japan is known for its cuisine, but at the same time, weird food and drinks are also famous! You must try finding weird food if you have chance to visit Japan!

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3 Unbelievably Dangerous Festivals Of Japan!

In Japan, a tremendous number of festivals are held every year, and some of them are so dangerous that participants can get injured!

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