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5 Must-Eat Japanese Foods In Winter

Winter in Japan is cold, which makes it ideal for eating piping hot food. Also, many seasonal fruits, fish and vegetables taste extremely delicious! Here are 5 foods you must try!

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In Winter, Japanese And Cats Can't Give Up On "Kotatsu"

It's so coldddd in Japanese winter. Let's get in the kotatsu!

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5 Things To Enjoy Winter In Japan

How Japanese people enjoy and endure the coldness of winter in Japan?

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3 Amazing Travel Destinations In Winter In Japan

Despite a cold and shivering season, there are some beautiful places to enjoy the winter landscape no matter how cold it is outside. Here are 3 popular travel destinations in winter in Japan.

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Sukiyaki: Loved By All Japanese And The World

Sukiyaki is another delicious dish crazed by Japan food lovers.

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5 Rules You Should Know Before Visiting Public Bath Onsen

Onsen is one of the best places to visit during winter. Unfortunately, there are some rules that you should notice before visiting onsen or sento. Here are the rules!

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Okinawa Is The Best Place In Japan To Escape The Coldness

Winter in Okinawa is different from other regions of Japan. Maybe visiting Okinawa is the best way to visit Okinawa if you escape this cold winter in Japan.

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Oden: One Of The Oldest Japanese Traditional Nabe Food

In cold winter, people seek for ways to warm up. One of them Japanese people do is eating what they call oden. What's that?

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Bean-Throwing Ceremony, Setsubun On February 3rd

There is annual winter event called setsubun or bean-throwing ceremony on February 3rd in Japan. It can be very crazy...

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Oden… The Perfect Winter Food

For the Japanese Oden is probably the most popular winter food with different variations in different regions of the country.

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