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Perfect Guide To 10 Must-Go Japanese Castles

Japanese castles come in all shapes and sizes, so there are bound to be some that will resonate with you. Here are ten recommendations on which castles you should visit.

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The Oldest Wooden Architecture In The World

Japan sure can be proud of this wonderful architecture. It's called Horyu-ji temple, located in Nara.

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The Oldest Castle In Japan

Japan is definitely full of castles all over the country. Some may wonder which one is the oldest. So here is the answer.

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The Artistic Gassho-style House

Not only a place for living, these houses have managed to reach the sense of arts.

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You Should Add This Shirine To Your To Do List In Japan, Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Being one of the largest buildings in the past, this shrine is wealthy of historical values that Japanese history lovers will absolutely desire to explore.

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The Largest Wooden Building In Japan : Odate Jukai Dome

Not only a stadium, this building is a spectacular architecture created with cutting-edged techniques. It is the largest wooden building in Japan.

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Ehime Prefectural Science Museum

This wonderful building is where architecture as well as science lovers definitely desire to visit.

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One Of The Most Enjoyable Buildings In Tokyo: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Another splendid place with an awesome architecture awaiting you to come and explore.

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Baseballs, Concerts, Exhibitions -- Enjoy Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is not just a stadium, where you can enjoy baseball games, concerts and exhibitions. Its architecture is stunning as well.

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Let's Visit Odawara Castle - Japanese Castles

A castle with a spectacular yet elegant architecture located in Kanagawa prefecture.

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