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5 Awesome Nomihodai Items You Must Try

Oh, nomihodai (all you can drink). A wonderful concept where you can drink all kinds of alcoholic drinks for cheap prices. But just what to drink? Read this guide to find out!

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5 Best Sake-matching Food You Have To Try

I bet you want to try sake when visit Japan. But you should know which food goes good with sake to enjoy sake. Here I introduce 5 best food I personally like to combine with sake.

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3 Typical But Perfect Japanese Snacks With Beer

Japanese is well known for their izakaya where beer is served along with various delicious snacks.

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Sukiyaki: Loved By All Japanese And The World

Sukiyaki is another delicious dish crazed by Japan food lovers.

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Corona Beer Presents Its Midwinter Camp Event "ESCAPE VILLAGE"

Molson Coors Japan Co., Ltd. is holding "Corona ESCAPE VILLAGE," a midwinter camp event at Nagatoro-machi, Saitama prefecture on January 30th and 31st.

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Hoppy(ホッピー): Japanese Traditional Non-Alcohol Beer

After World War 2, beer was out of reach of many Japanese people for the price. So, they sought for a beer-like beverage, and "hoppy" was born.

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Why Not Try A Japanese Craft Beer?

In 1996, a brand of beer was born in Japan after the government had loosened the regulation about making beer. This beer labeled the symbol, an owl, got popular soon.

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5 Japanese Beer Brands To Quench Your Thirst

After a hard-working day, you come home and open your refrigerator to bring a bin of beer whereby you quench your thirst. You confirm you are alive. Now, what if the beer should be of much greater quality?

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Have You Ever Encountered 'Booze' That Only Exists In Japan

Perhaps you already known the most popular types of Japanese alcohol, which are beer, sake, and wine. But did you know of these types of booze, too?

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What's The Difference Between Japanese And Foreigners In Beer Gardens ?

With beer gardens a favorite in the summer for many Japanese, foreigners are beginning to come along too, seemingly interested! However, the way they spend time in the gardens are very different!

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